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Matt Kattman from Rhode Island is the man behind the gargantuan sounds of Usturo Bune, the name Usturo Bune comes from a Japanese myth dating from circa 1800 Japan regarding a U.F.O type object that was discovered washed up on the shore. The inhabitants of the local village witnessed the object on the shore stating that is was spherical with strange writing on it. Out of the capsule came a woman dressed in fine clothing who spoke a unknown language. Just like this tale, myth or not, this band is also like a strange encounter from the cosmic world, other-worldly sounds that are simply crushing to the senses but uplifting in their sonic depravity. This five track EP was mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Khlyst etc) and man does he get himself involved with some killer music of incredibly high standards. Usturo Bune are no exception, this is five tracks of a low-ended, industrial kind of droning doom that pulsates with a crippling force. This CD comes in a unique transparent vellum cover with reversible artwork and is extremely limited to 100 copies so act quickly if you want this, I have a feeling if you hear the power of this project you will need to add this to your collection.

Starting with “Massive Atmospheres” which is a fitting title for this epic, crushing drone piece. The sound is very industrialized as it is buzzing with the intensity of a major electrical malfunction, the signature drone hum is there but unlike most other bands in the genre it flows and despite its 10 minute plus running time, it never drags or becomes bogged down in droning self-indulgence. By comparison, the second track titled “Kinetics” is actually soothing after the horrifying attack of the opening track. Its hypnotic, relaxing and indeed mesmerizing and is perfectly placed within the running order of the EP. This well thought-out process is one of the strengths of the CD as it nicely flows from start to finish without its getting too frightening or too abrasive for too long. There is a art to making recordings like this and Matt Kattman has nailed it. “Raking The Cosmic Leaves” returns back to the sonic-drone of the first track, again the sound washes over you taking you on a disturbing yet captivating journey. Of course it goes without saying that some will find the buzzing intensity a little over-whelming and its strictly for the drone, doom, ambient music listener but I personally find this incredibly exciting and atmospheric.

“Whispers In The Abyss” continues the flowing approach of the EP by adding another soothing element to the vibe of the recording, its a gentle yet tension filled piece and when you consider that this is “recorded live to 2-track with no overdubbing”, it makes the whole recording even more remarkable. The final track titled “Disappear Slowly” is another mesmerizing, atmospheric excursion into the stratosphere as it pulsates along in a very hypnotic approach, it ends quietly just as it begins, mesmerizing. Listening to Utsuro Bune is a drone revelation, just when you thought drone has run its course and there is nothing new to be added to the genre, along comes a band like this. Some will climb the walls listening to this but any drone listener will have to enjoy the thick, gigantic and mesmerizing sounds this EP has to offer. Please give it a listen……..9/10


Posted September 13, 2010 by doommantia in Utsuro Bune

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