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Its funny that the people at BadMoodMan Music and Solitude Productions have a strange idea what a “best of” is and even stranger how they package and release albums. A while back I reviewed a album by Mournful Gust that was released as a “best of” type of compilation even though the band had only recorded 2 albums in their entire career. Well they have done it again with this band from the land of of Naberezhnye Chelny in Russia. This time its a singles compilation which is great in itself but the band has only ever released a few demos and appeared on various compilations. Its a unique way of getting the music spread to countries outside of Russia but wouldn’t it be wiser to call this a debut album, after all the band is virtually unknown outside of their home country. Putting all that aside, Canonis are a very interesting band that blend dark folk music with Gothic rock and its a big departure from the usual stuff that comes from the Russian label that specializes in Doom Metal as this is not doom at all and the truth is its not even heavy.

As I know nothing much about the band, I have to assume there is only  been two permanent members as different vocalists appear on the disc. Normally this might be make the flow of the album seem a little messy but on “Apple Of Discord”, it actually flows very well indeed. The music basically centers around a lot of keyboards with nice and interesting piano parts and the melancholic female vocal sections that are sung with a approach of a ballad, not so much the tear-jerking kind but certainly very melodic. Some of it is sung in Russian while some other tracks are sung in English and those lyrics are very surreal and mournful in places, the vocals are very much a feature of the music on the disc and are very dispirited and wistful in their delivery. Musically though, the band walks the fine-line between rock and pop in songs like “Amalgama” which gets a little cringe-worthy in its sugary-sweet romantic vibe but there is some genuine intriguing moments as in the title track and “The Aquarell” which has a very dream-like atmosphere.

The more rock moments remind me of the band “Penance” but those moments are rare overall as the album is filled with acoustics, violins, flutes and the programmed drums don’t add much to the power of the music either. I am not going to tear apart the album however because its music that is really hard to pick holes in, it’s well played, the vocals are beautifully presented and the production is great. Fans of Gothic music and dark folk should appreciate this but also the pop music fan looking for something a little different will admire the some of the infectious melody’s on the disc. The Doom Metal listener should avoid this like the plague though, its nothing like the usual Solitude Productions releases but apart from some overtly fizzy-pop moments, most of it I find enchanting. 7/10
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Posted September 14, 2010 by doommantia in Canonis

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