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Horseburner from Parkersburg, West Virginia formed in 2009 and were kind enough to send me their debut EP to review. After doing a tiny bit of research I have discovered they have already impressed a few people with their live performances which have been described as incredibly loud events, one comment read “better bring your ear-plugs”. I would believe it too after hearing this 5 track dose of dirty Stoner Metal meets gritty old-fashioned Rock N Roll. Horseburner is Jack from Enzuigiri’s other band and also includes current and ex-members of To Kill Or Cure, Powerbomb, Egress and The Great Eastern Dream. Along with Jack Thomas on guitar and vocals, the line-up consists of Rob Howard – Bass/vocals, Adam Nohe – Drums/ vocals and Zach Kaufman on a second guitar. Horseburner is Stoner Metal but influenced by 70’s Hard Rock and Blues, Traditional Metal, Doom Metal, Hardcore Punk and modern day Sludge Metal or so it seems to me. They really mix it up over the course of a mere 30 minutes but maybe could be compared to the likes of Let The Night Roar in their bombastic approach.

“World Proof” kicks things off with a nice crunchy riff and subtle but effective lead breaks, it coasts long till 3 minutes in when it takes a turn into Doom-ville with a slow, plodding riff followed by some mid-tempo doom riffery. Even though the tune is based around only 4 different sections, each one is killer and infectious, the final minute or so is particularly heavy. “Stop, Drop & Blow Up” is another animal all together, the opening lick is steeped in a Led Zeppelin vibe but its soon replaced by a aggressive Sludgy riff with punkish, shouting vocals. The guitar-lines continually twist and turn making this a highly interesting piece and the bass/drum combo is truly on fire and locked in together, there is even a Iron Maiden-ish galloping section 3 or so minutes in, Horseburner are obliviously not content to having a set formula and thus makes this track and others very stimulating. The title track “Dirt City” comes charging out like a rhino on steroids, its a pulverizing dose of gritty hard and heavy rock. This tune reminds me of the long-split up band Boulder as it has the same kind of energetic, dirty riffing and the hoarse vocals. The final section of “Dirt City” is pure angry Hardcore Sludge and the final solo that concludes the tune is squealing ear-candy for any fan of the Sludge/Stoner Metal genre.

“These Are America’s Hands” is the epic of the “Dirt City” EP at over 9 minutes and it adds even more elements to the already multi-dimensional sounds this EP has to offer. Starting off with a psychedelic vibe moving into doom and then building upon all that with progressive rock styled guitar noodling, the track keeps building up in atmospheric tension filled melody lines and riffs. The lyrics are also well done as they seem to center around modern day hypocrisy and intolerance handed down through society and governments. The final track on “Dirt City” is “When Firestorm Hits, It’s Gonna Be A Bloodbath” and its sheer old-school Hardcore Punk rocking that is the driving force behind this but with some nifty guitar riffing thrown in. There is a mid-section doom break that flows on till the end of the track ending what is a very impressive and fairly catchy EP. While bands like this are plentiful in the USA, Horseburner do have the necessary goods to make them stand-out among the rest so I do urge you to head to their Bandcamp/Myspace pages and check them out. Hell, the album is going for only $5 with the download up for grabs for only $4 so you can’t go wrong, please support this fine band….9/10
Horseburner @ MySpace
Horseburner @ Bandcamp


Posted September 20, 2010 by doommantia in Horseburner

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