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The Wizardrone project is back with the follow-up to the “Witchfork” recorded late last year. This is the musical vision of one Jason W and with my review for the “Witchfork” album I made the comment that I had “a feeling he is onto something special”, thankfully he hasn’t let me down with this release titled “The Warning”. The first thing about this recording is the quality of the production, the “Witchfork” recording was let down slightly by very basic production values and while this album still has a very D.I.Y kind of quality, the sound is richer, warmer and big step in the right direction. Someone needs to get Jason a label deal soon as this dude has a potential that is being wasted at the moment. Like I also made a point of in my last review for Wizardrone, there is 100’s of one-man project bands circulating Myspace and a large percentage of those are of the droning, ambient variety but a lot of them lack anything of any real musical value, this is not the case with Jason W and Wizardrone.

“Bat Wing Stew” is a psychedelic, churning droning piece that while basic in its riffing and execution, its also very atmospheric and very hypnotic. Along with a oscillating riff, there is outer-planetary vocals that creates a very strange but alluring dynamic. It still fits in within the concept of droning doom but there is a groove that is very unique. As the title suggests Jason W here is serving up a very ghastly concoction, a nasty deadly brew and you can’t help but love the lyric line – A Bit Of Finger, Onions Linger, Possum Piss And A Wasp Stinger. “Village Of Eternal Slumber” is one of the albums highlights, it begins with a sickening low-frequency bass line before it heads off into the very Syd Barratt sounding melodic vocal arrangement which is becoming a trademark of Jason W’s work. The distorted wall of sound technique is push to the breaking point, its ugly, abrasive and threatening while remaining very psychedelic and incredibly bleak. “If I Be Damned” begins with a movie sample, I am not too sure from which film it comes but I do know both “Prime Evil” (1988) and “Drag Me To Hell” (2009) were used for this album. This twisted piece of cinematic horror-laced ambient doom is the shortest track on the album but also highly effective in putting across a very deranged, intense vibe.

“I, Metrognome” is the closest the Wizardrone project gets to Traditional Doom songwriting as low-ended throbbing bass is joined with the crashing sound of cymbals and mid-tempo grooves but Jason W interplanetary vocals keep this song from getting anywhere near the “norm” as far as Doom Metal is concerned. “Thykingdomcome” is one of the two monster tracks of the album and is my favorite track, right now anyway. This track nicely builds throughout its 12 minutes by varying tempo-changes and riff variations but more important is the hypnotic groove that is maintained, it’s a swirling, mesmerizing slice of drone meets psychedelic doom without really fitting into either songwriting format. The longest track and maybe the most challenging is “Curse Of The Ill Fated”, at an all consuming 16 minutes its a punishing listening experience that most likely only the most dedicated drone/ambient/doom fan will endure so in other words I dig it. This tune covers a lot of ground from droning noise sections, Electric Wizard sounding Stoner Doom riffing and vocals to psychedelic jamming freak out elements. The section that happens around the 10 minute mark is particularly frightening with an array of sounds that go from thundering, booming, clanging to downright shattering.

“The Warning” is a decent improvement over the “Witchfork” album that shows that Jason W is ever expanding and developing into a musician and an constructor of ambient doom/drone songs that deserves to be heard from a much wider audience. The album is up for free download and you can get it by clicking this link – The Warning so go grab yourself a copy of the album. I highly recommend you use headphones to get the full effect of the cosmic wizardry……8.5/10


Posted September 20, 2010 by doommantia in Wizardrone

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