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Thanks to Justin Doom from Portland’s Doom Titan’s Doomsower for this great live review of their recent Portland show.

Never in a million lifetimes would I expect to see the bands that I’ve seen. Seeing Pentagram was an amazing experience. Rockin and rollin the way Bobby always intends it to be. June of this year allowed me to see Saint Vitus live and in the flesh. Scott Wino even handed me the mic during the song, “Saint Vitus”…now that was a blessing from the stars. Witnessing the band Boris was an ethereal situation as well. Now where Vitus and Pentagram are in my heart and so dear to me, Boris were just so damn loud and heavy, it must be noted here. They were the heaviest band I’d lays eyes upon…. until I saw Sleep on September 11th in Portland, Oregon…. The 11th was a beautiful and sunny summer day here in Portland. Perfect for the perfect show. Doors opened up around 8ish and the throngs of stoners, metalheads, and [stupid, idiotic, annoying, say what you will] hipsters entered. First up was YOB. I came into this show as not a huge fan. Don’t know why, they just never “did” it for me. But I listened with an open mind and after about 30 seconds into their four song 45 minute set, I found myself headbanging along. They were the perfect spot for opening the show. Heavy in all the right ways and tight and precise yet still jammy and open.

They could have played longer but I suppose that wasn’t meant to be. Next up was Scott Kelly of Neurosis fame. Yup, just Scott Kelly up there with an acoustic guitar and his dirty growly voice. It was alright. It was out of place though. The crowd was a bit disrespectful (see hipster mention earlier). So much so that after the first song, Scott proclaimed, “Hey can y’all shut the fuck up? I’m trying to play and I hear you more than I hear my guitar.” It was cool what he was doing, but I still didn’t quite enjoy it. But I give him the most ultimate respect. Again though, a dude and an acoustic guitar is just out of place at the heaviest show of year (decade?). After Yob and Mr. Kelly, the crowd enjoyed a lovely projection of Tony Iommi, aka “The Deity”, against the back wall while loops of his solos and riffs played throughout the PA system. What a delightful opening to Sleep! The Iommi riffs slumbered off (pun intended) and on came Al Cisernos, Matt Pike, and new found drummer Jason Roeder (also from Neurosis).

Now let me just say this, I will do my best to describe their set. I feel that it is literally humanly impossible to describe what it was like. I told a co-worker about the show and all I could say was, “It was like meeting God… and everything you’ve ever wanted coming true.” Now that may seem like an exaggeration, but just ask anyone who’s witnessed this band….. Anyway, back to the show. They opened up with Dopesmoker. Probably THE best intro riff ever. Heads were banging and fists were flying. Sleep had begun. Now what songs they played in what order, my mind is fuzzy on what was what. Maybe it was all the special smoke in the air….they played for two hours straight. Two hours of total sonic fuzzdom. They played Holy Mountain (minus “Some Grass” sadly…), but they split it up in the most perfect of ways. From Aquarian to From Beyond, and then back to Dragonaut, their set was flawless.

They even pulled a song off of Vol. 1. I believe it was, “The Suffering” although I’m not too sure…it sounded great nonetheless. One of the best parts of the show was the visuals. The projector was showing rocket lift offs and moon landings…in slow motion. Again, just perfect. When the line, “Trapped in a world under leagues of ocean” came out, you literally were under leagues of ocean. When the crowd was flapping it’s wings under mars red sky, an eagle flew over mars. These guys certainly knew what they were doing (and probably always have). Parts of Dopesmoker creeped their way in between cuts from Holy Mountain throughout the night. Towards the end Scott Kelly came back on stage and made a toast to Ronnie James Dio (RIP). Matt Pike began the riff to “Mob Rules” yet sadly after the second verse he broke a string, flung his guitar off, and stormed off stage. A puzzled Cisernos just began a sweet bass riff while Roeder made some nice beats to accompany him. Was this a new Om song? That’s what I thought until Pike came back out and started jamming away.

Scenes of snow capped mountains and icy fields graced the screen and all I could deduce was that they were playing a new song. Or an old song that was made new. Either way it was rad and the hope inside of me for Sleep to continue and use this song on a new album….oh that is a tempting thought is it not? They ended with this song and it felt right. They played for two solid hours straight. They played everything they should have. They were as loud as they should have been. The word perfect does not describe how they were. All I can say, is that if you missed the show, I hope my words can help you understand what happened. Don’t feel shitty about missing any part of their tour if you did. Yes it sucks, but hey, Sleep would want you to be happy, so just put on Holy Mountain and kick back and relax. I climbed the Holy Mountain and saw the Weedian Nazareth. Life is good. Life is great. Time for some Sleep.
Live Review By Justin Doom From Doomsower – Doomsower @ Myspace


Posted September 21, 2010 by doommantia in Sleep

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