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Epic in its reach, Griftegard opens this split with Wedded To Grief. 8 minutes and 17 seconds, this gem stretches its beautiful lamenting tentacles across your grief-stricken face. Griftegard means graveyard without a church in Swedish. According to their myspace, the name Griftegard holds a symbolism that is echoed in the musical and textual themes expressed by the band: “The aesthetic is clearly spiritual, although non-confessional, just like the atmosphere of a burial ground generally is perceived as solemn, sacred and severe, regardless of whether or not the visitor is aware of which religious current it is a part of.” I think that’s a very nice take on the religious atmosphere Griftegard is channeling in their music. Actually, Wedded To Grief is my first acquaintance with the band, and a very happy one indeed. Their debut Solemn-Sacred-Severe (2009) on Van Records, got a 8 out of 10 from Ed: Doommantia Review
Apart from their interesting view on slow epic doom metal mixed with religious sentiments, Griftegard’s true strength lies in their use of vocalist Thomas Eriksson. His haunting voice perfectly supplements the stellar craft of Griftegard’s songwriting. The artwork and design of this split 7″ has an occult feel to it, especially the Griftegard’s side.

And then, Count Raven’s Wolfmoon. 5:46 of epic doom bliss in one of its most authentic forms probably. Count Raven, originally known as Stormvarning, saw its birth light in 1987. They changed their name to Count Raven for their 1990 debut album Storm Warning on the infamous Hellhound Records. Other graduates from Hellhound Records include Iron Man, Internal Void, Saint Vitus, Unorthodox and The Obsessed. Hellhound was actually a German label – at the time they proclaimed to be “The Heaviest Label On Earth”. Working in the best tradition of Black Sabbath infested music, Hellhound Records rose quickly to fame in the late 80’s and 90’s. Currently, a lot of Hellhound releases are being reissued on Southern Lord Records and Leaf Hound Records (Japan).

Linderson, Count Raven’s vocalist, left Count Raven to join Saint Vitus for their C.O.D. album. After a couple of line-up changes, Count Raven released the awesome Mammon’s War in 2009, their first album in 13 years. Their current vocalist is named Dan Fondelius and he does a very fine job. When listening to Count Raven, sometimes you get the impression that they secretly abducted Ozzy in the mid eighties to use his strengths for Count Raven.
To sum it up, this split 7″ is a must buy. The two songs are perfect, as is the packaging and the artwork. Swedish traditional doom at its best! Check out the limited edition pack of this 7″ here: Van Records


Griftegard @ Myspace
Count Raven @ Myspace
Van Records

Review written by Sandrijn van den Oever


Posted September 22, 2010 by doommantia in Count Raven, Griftegård

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  1. Damn I need this.

  2. You know you do 😉

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