The Caravan To Roll Again In 2011?   Leave a comment

In an interview with The Obelisk, Earthride vocalist Dave Sherman has confirmed his former band Spirit Caravan will reunite for shows and possibly new recording next year. In addition, the band`s classic Jug Fulla Sun full-length will at last be released on vinyl.

Spirit Caravan is Sherman on bass, Scott “Wino” Weinrich (Saint Vitus, Shrinebuilder, The Hidden Hand, etc.) on vocals and guitar, and Gary Isom (Pentagram, Unorthodox, Valkyrie, etc.) on drums.

Here`s what Sherman had to say:

Any truth to the rumors of a Spirit Caravan reunion?

That is true. That it is very true. Me and Wino is on the [Earthride] record too. He plays on the one track Supernatural Illusion and he is singing on there, and he plays a pretty crazy-ass lead. Sounds more Vitus-y. But me and him, have been talking and shit, and he is doing his Shrinebuilder and his Vitus right now, and I think he might even do another tour of his Wino thing, and I think he’s got an acoustic thing, but amongst all that stuff, I think we might be able to pull something out next year. Something might happen then.

Would you do a record or just shows?

I think we would re-release I don’t know who is gonna do it; that’s not confirmed but Jug Fulla Sun never came out on vinyl, so we probably be backing that up. Bring that out on vinyl, and then you never know. Maybe well do a song or two or something. Maybe we could work on something for the tour as well, a little EP or something. It’s just gonna take time, because obviously Wino’s real busy right now.

Read more at The Obelisk.


Posted September 26, 2010 by doommantia in Spirit Caravan

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