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UK’s Dopefight play some of the craziest pummeling sludge/doom metal ever created, support them and buy this CD….End of review, only joking. This three-piece which literally sounds like a 5 or 6 piece at times have an wall of sound that is so gargantuan, so thick, so monolithic that at times listening to this disc called “Buds” (see the eye-catching artwork above) is simply jaw-dropping, the kind of album where hitting pause is necessary just take a breather from the intense weight of this recording. In 2009 the band released killer demo and a split EP with Dead Existence that has already gain “cult classic” status. I have read some amazing things about the amount of damage this bands has caused to folks eardrums during live performances as well as the rumor that they hire six ambulances before each gig, that is obliviously just a good “Spinal Tapish” kind of a story but cool just the same. They have the reputation of blasting out song after song with very little or no communication with the audience to create an pure deafening sonic experience with no relief in sight for the patron’s senses. There is also some rumors floating around about this album like it was the labels idea to print a black strip on the front displaying the band’s Myspace link and this in-turn made the band mad as it took away some space to display even more weed. All entertaining stories but what is most important is the tunes and they are simply among the most pulverizing examples of doom/sludge riffage.

“Baby Goat Sick”, “Leviathan’s Burp”, “Do Not Inflict Your (Spawn) Upon Me” and “Brighton Town Is A Fucking Whore” are just some of the great song-titles on the album which is mostly instrumental but they do include some shouts, growls and wails of pure aggression here and there into the madness of their insane, bombastic weed-worshiping expressions of sonic intensity. Dopefight are influenced by the heaviest of bands – Church Of Misery, Bongzilla and other pot-smoking doomsters but they are far more aggressive and up-tempo than most of those bands, another influence Hail! Hornet are perhaps closer to what Dopefight really sound like. This album is non-stop killer riffing with an incredibly big, warm, rich sound and the guitar is right up there with the bass in terms of pushing the levels of the human aural threshold. On top of their insanely, crippling heaviness they are also savagely tight and this isn’t just a “in the studio” thing, reports are they are equally precise in a live setting. Another stunning factor about “Buds” is this is very infectious, the riffs have a class about them and they don’t just plod along, riff changes and tempo changes are plentiful, the opening “Baby Goat Sick” is a prime example of their brilliance in this department. The opening minute of “Leviathan’s Burp” is another example of Dopefight’s ability to smash your brain around with slow to mid-tempo brutality.

“NOB. NOD. NOI” is a galloping, sabbathian groove stomper played with the force of a sonic boom, its pure head-banging chaos guaranteed to raise a smile and a chuckle. “Specimen” is an ugly, slime-fest of sludgy doom, listen to the riff that comes in at just past the two minute mark of this tune, pure greatness! “Slug ‘N Mop” is half Sabbath meets Vitus with explosive mid-tempo chugging thrown for good measure. “Brighton Town Is A Fucking Whore” is up next and I take they are spewing some hatred for their home town here and its an two minute psychotically induced hell-ride that is a pure riff-fest. “La Mano Del Daemon” and “Jock Witch” are both sonic experimentation gone into the realms of lunacy especially “Jock Witch” as it has a one of the most ear-catching hilarious intros for a sludge/doom track. “Do Not Inflict Your (Spawn) Upon Me” is another trip into an infested swamp of filth-ridden dirge while keeping the infectious element at a peak while “Bogtrotter” is under two minutes with a main riff that you wish would go on forever. “Pistophelees” and “Ampnoncefuck” round out the album with more exciting, churning nasty riffing but hang around and you will get a bonus, un-titled track not mentioned on the rear spaghetti artwork and its the only time of the entire album you will hear anything you could call soothing but its worth checking out for the ending “ferrets down your trousers” sample (is that the dude that hosts the UK’s Top Gear show?), whoever it is, its great shit.
Update: I just found out its Alan Partridge’s voice used on the sample, thank you Richard.

When I reviewed their demo, I had a feeling this band was heading for nothing short of greatness and they have achieved just that with “Buds”. They are NOT just another mindless weed-obsessed band plodding out riffs played to samples of people pulling bongs. This is a band that can deliver some of the most classic riffs in the sludge genre and while we are on the subject seeing as you all are getting real anal about tags and sub-genres, I will throw my hat into the ring and stigmatized Dopefight by calling them “Sludge Metal” despite the doom elements they are so expertly proficient in composing. Therefore I am giving this my early pick for “Sludge Metal” album of the year, buy it, turn it up and worship the riffs of this power trio…..10/10

Dopefight MySpace
Dopefight @ BigCartel


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  1. Been listening to their tunes on Myspace, awesome band.

  2. It's Alan Partridge bro (the sample).

  3. Damn, I knew I had heard that voice somewhere and I couldn't figure it out. I should have know, I used to watch his show. Thanks man, I will add that info to the review.


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