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Somehow I have the idea that this band is going to be big! Set for release in the US on the 26th of October and the 1st of November in Europe & UK on Relapse Records, Ritual Abuse is the successor to Cough’s Sigillum Luciferi. What I like about Cough? For one thing, the vocals do remind me of Electric Wizard – carrying, penetrating and ‘evil’ in it’s nicest form. That is to say, the imagery is maybe familiar (Satan, etcetera) but the interpretation is very entertaining. Further, the riffs are outstanding, and set very loosely, so while listening to Ritual Abuse, you’ll get deeper and deeper in some sort of state of subjugation. In the background you’ll hear lots of sound effects, and this adds to the spooky atmosphere. Ritual Abuse is actually a very good title for this album, since Cough’s Ritual Abuse can be described as ritualistic in its very experience.
The riffs are massive and the five tracks named Mind Collapse; A Year In Suffering; Crippled Wizard; Crooked Spine, and Ritual Abuse are all tributes to the same power of the Riff.

You can check out their song Crooked Spine for free on their myspace by the way, see the address below. On their Relapse artist page, they state the following on their new album; “Ritual Abuse is the result of all the shit and suffering we put ourselves through to continue to write this music. Hopefully you all feel as miserable listening to it as we did creating it.” I think that’s very (very) funny, because I felt pretty happy happy joy joy while listening to Ritual Abuse! As if anyone listening to doom should be depressed in the first place to be able to thoroughly enjoy the music. When I’m listening to Darkthrone or Mayhem (to name an example), I’m not in a ‘metal’ state of mind, or in a miserable state of mind, quite the contrary. I can wildly laugh about the imagery and the guzzling lyrics of said black metal, and still be able to enjoy the music offered. Granted, in real life the guys from Cough may not be your happiest chums, but their music can be very entertaining.

The only shortcoming on this disc is maybe the lack of long-term memorable songs. Of course, Electric Wizard has all these hooks and stuff, and when Cough evolves in their songwriting, the next album can only be a total winner. Cough do a full US tour in November 2010, and a European tour in 2011. As a warmer, here a fragment of their debut show at Ramakins. You know it’s gonna be good! 9/10
Review By Sandrijn van den Oever

Cough @ Myspace
Cough @ Facebook
Cough @ Relapse


Posted September 29, 2010 by doommantia in Cough

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