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This is the first demo and first ever released from Jordanian band Falling Leaves who just formed last year. Falling Leaves are a 6 piece band made of Abdul-aziz Assaf – Vocals, Alaa Swalha – Rhythm Guitar, Rami Mazahreh – Drums, Husam Haddad – Keyboards, Anas Safa – Lead Guitar and Tamer Al-Shishani on Bass Guitar. If you spotted the keyboard player in the line-up and looked at the artwork then its a good chance you know already that this is an Gothic/Doom band in the vein of My Dying Bride and Katatonia and you would be right on the money. Hearing a band from Jordan is an pretty rare event so I was curious to hear what their take on the Gothic Doom genre might be; Well it is very generic, predictable but they also sound like a band still searching for a sound of their own as these three songs seem to following a very well-worn formula that really should have expired years ago.

First track “Silence” begins with rainfall and the cracking of thunderstorms before an gentle, melodic acoustic guitar and an refreshing clean voice sets the mood of this atmospheric track. Its an strange opening track as its very relaxing and gentle with mournful, crying lead guitar parts but its well played and the production is huge but calling this Doom Metal on any level is a real stretch of the imagination. “All Is Gone” begins the same way “Silence” ended so on first spin I was getting worried if there was any real Doom to be heard here at all. Thankfully two minutes into “All Is Gone”, the first sign of anything remotely heavy is presented with a deathly yet clean vocal and thankfully there is no cookie-monster vocals here but its all so tranquil and one-dimensional, its not till the last minute of the song when an beefy guitar riff appears and by then the song is drawing to a close.

The final track “My Perfect Disease” follows the same formula yet again but it is the best track here especially in terms of creating atmosphere. The fine keyboard work on this track is the tunes best element but by now the spoken word vocal is getting a tad dull. Being such a new band, you have to give them some slack but a few more dynamics injected in their songs would work wonders. As they are, its a little lifeless but there is no questioning their musicianship, the playing is very nice indeed. I would tag this as “Gothic Rock” more so than Doom so keep that in mind if you decide to check them out. I look forward to hearing this band develop over the next year or two, they have potential to write some stunning melodic music in the future………..5/10
Falling Leaves @ Unsigned.Com


Posted September 29, 2010 by doommantia in Falling Leaves

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