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This band call themselves Redrum Inc and without a doubt they model themselves on Down, Pro-Pain, Madball and Crowbar and that is where Crowbar guitarist Kirk Windstein comes into the picture, not only does he appear as guest singer on a song called “Carry The Burden” but the band also do a cover of Crowbar’s “All I Had (I Gave)” which turns out to be the best thing this album has to offer and that says a lot in terms of the “Heavy Division” album. The band has been around for over 10 years and in that time have done some big shows and shared the stage with bands from Angel Witch to Undertow and Windstein from Crowbar raves about how good this band is so I was eager to check them out. They have other recordings apart from this one but this is my first taste of the band. I guess this album brings up the question when does a band come under the banner as an “clone band”? This album is certainly generic of the bands I have already mentioned although they are indeed a bit thrashier as they blend Nola Sludge and Doom with elements of Thrash and Death Metal but this is so damn predictable from start to finish, still alright but predictable.

The real star of the album in my opinion is vocalist Michael Dohmen, his style of singing makes this a album you can listen to all the way through as the songs themselves don’t do that much for me really. There is nothing bad here, its just the songs lack any real feeling or atmosphere and the actual riffs sound likes ones that have already been recycled countless times before. Now before you Redrum Inc fans stay typing furiously, I will say the band is solid and indeed heavy. The best original song here is perhaps “We Are The Ones”, this tune does have a element of originality and is infectious but the rest of the album is basically monotonous except for the Crowbar cover which stands out because its easily the most well-written track but its a Crowbar tune and we all know how great that band is anyway. There is some good grooves here and there but they tend to come and go too quickly to have any lasting impact but the performance of the players is solid throughout. If you hear the first track, then you know what to expect from the rest of the album and while there is 100’s of albums that are like that, this album does get a little stale by the halfway mark of the disc.

In fact if it wasn’t for “We Are The Ones” coming in at track number eight and the Crowbar cover finishing up the album, it would be hard for me to sit through the whole album in one sitting. After the intro, the first real track “Breaking The Deadlock” promises a lot as its a great tune and “Carry The Burden” is at least worth hearing because of Kirk Windstein’s guest spot. Apart from these tracks, there is not much to get excited about. The aggressive approach seems out of place in some tracks as they blend in some hardcore elements into the performance and some bands can make it work but here is sounds disjointed to me. Without a doubt there is some great moments on “Heavy Division” but just not enough of them to push this album up beyond average run of the mill material. Still, check them out and if you really dig them, more power to you but I find this to be a fairly lackluster album……5/10
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Posted September 30, 2010 by doommantia in Redrum Inc.

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