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When it comes to hard working musicians Matron Thorn (Reuben Jordan) from Benighted in Sodom has to be one of the most prolific artists around today. Since 2006 there is no less than 24 different recordings that I know of and there could be more, this includes 9 full length albums including 3 this year alone. This workaholic has played in bands such as Bethlehem (Deu), Leviathan (Swe), Cathaaria, Andacht, Vagrant Starscape, Palindrome, Carrion Blues, Chaos Moon and Blight but Benighted In Sodom (great name for a band) is his main deal. Although there is 2 other albums released this year, this one title “Hybrid Parasite Evangelistica” is creating the biggest waves in the underground due to its release on the Solitude Productions label. The music here is depressive, atmospheric Black Metal mixed with ambient Doom and is the kind of suicidal music to make your skin crawl. Its the kind of album to make you think, “You know my life really is shit” even if you life is actually quite good. This is an powerful emotive soundtrack for your very worst days but rather than it being a thoroughly depressing album, most of it is very moving in a disturbing kind of way.

The opener, “An Angel Circles the Drain” begins this thick, dense album with distorted, swirling ambient guitar that circulates around your brain and rips apart your very soul. The vocals are filled with pain but are delivered with pure anger rather than being melancholic, the end effect is one of pure hatred. This lasts for over 10 minutes just to drill the atmospheric bleakness into you even more. The short “Dreamscape Overdose” blends into another monster of an track titled “Liquid Flowing From a Slashed Wrist”. It begins in an cinematic style with the overall atmosphere of a very dark tension-filled horror film, this gives way to chainsaw guitar and demonic vocal strangulation’s and again for over 9 minutes the end effect is of suicidal bleakness and despair. Musically there is not a hell of a lot to listen to really but the overall atmosphere is what drags you in to this engaging album and this song is a major highlight of the disc. “Nightshade & Arsenic” is a instrumental track that is much more light on the depressive mood, it serves as a much needed break but the 7 minute playing time I found to be somewhat overblown. However musically it is a great piece of ambient music that gets you prepare for whats in-store next.

What is next is “Solarium”, the longest and perhaps the most interesting track overall, led by synths that create a floating vibe it is again very cinematic especially with the spoken word vocal passages but after 11 minutes of this, most listeners might it a little too much to take as the magic of the atmosphere gets a tad stale towards the end. The album ends on “The Surrogate”, an bleak but melodic Black Metal meets Funeral Doom piece with raw, chainsaw guitar riffs. Black Metal fans will appreciate the blackened vibes while Doom fans with any sort of passion for the extreme will admire the intensity and the passion to which this is played. Without researching anything, I am sure this has been mentioned, if not it will be again but some Doom Metal fans will avoid this because of the Black Metal tag, that will be a monumental mistake on your part. This album is one hell of a devastating example of making atmospheric doomy music without having to follow any trends or musical cliches, the album is devastating and almost surreal. Fans of Bethlehem and Xasthur need to hear this and for the Doom-Heads out there, have a open-mind and check this album out……..8.5/10
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