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The new DMA compilation is here and it is very much a droning affair this time around with two exclusive recordings. Within The Torn Apart give us Fallen Angel which is dedicated to Pete Steele and Sabazius supply an 30 minute doom-fest titled Shadows On The Wall. Both tracks are exclusive to this compilation and  are not available anywhere else. There is a track from the new Elliotts Keep album titled Fearless along with great tracks from The Sun Through a Telescope, Usturo Bune, The Ageless Relics and an tune from Australia’s Doom Lords Vast Hollow. This is the final Doom Metal Alliance compilation in this format as the DMA is now officially a record label with some killer releases planned for 2011. Thanks to everyone who has download any or all of the previous compilations as some of them have been very successful but some of them also died a death, hopefully though they have turned some of you onto some killer bands. Thank you…….Ed

Download It Here


Posted October 11, 2010 by doommantia in Doom Metal Alliance

2 responses to “Doom Metal Alliance – 13

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  1. This comp is also up at Sludge Swamp, Thee Big Black and even on the Terrorizer site, don't know how but its there ha ha.

  2. On the Terrorizer site?
    Wow! So is Doommantia going mainstream?!? 😀
    Well, I personally have a great opinion of Terrorizer. Actually it's the only big magazine I find worth the cost and the time waiting for it to come across from UK. They do care about underground scenery more than other big metal magazines, and I often agree with their choices and reviews on albums.

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