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Ok its officially Finnish week on Doommantia.Com with yet another band from Finland and its another exceptional outfit. Everything about this band points to “HEAVY”, the band consists of Harri on drums and vocals, with Heidi and Vellu both playing bass, yes two bass players and a drummer and who needs guitar  with a sound like this anyway. Jussi Lehitsalo of Pharaoh Overlord created the phrase N.W.O.F.H.M for the New Wave Of Finnish Heavy Metal and its no wonder as there has been an explosion of metal acts coming from that country and just like the British explosion of the late 70’s and early 80’s, this current flood of Finnish bands is equally impressive, maybe even more so. Horse Latitudes named after the Doors song of the same name formed in 2009 and I believe this is already their second recording but I haven’t heard the first one as yet but after hearing this, I will have to track that one down as well. The CD is on the Aurora Borealis label with a vinyl version to follow very soon according to their press page.

The band class themselves as a Doom/Sludge band but the vocals are very much in the Doom style as there is not much in the way of typical angry Sludge Metal vocals but musically the band is over all the place. Part Trad Doom, Sludge, Stoner Doom, Psychedelic and with hints of Drone, the band can and will appeal to everyone from fans of Electric Wizard, Burning Witch, Khanate, Saturnalia Temple to Sunn O))). One great thing about the six tracks spanning 50 or so minutes is each track is an monumental piece of work and this album flows remarkably well so there is no real tracks to highlight because the album can be judged as an whole concept rather than just a collection of songs. Starting with the 9 minute “Hornblas” and ending with “Decayment”, this moves with the force of a thousand rhinos stampeding their way across your skull. The band plays Sabbathian riffs but on the bass so the bottom end attack is lethal and severely damaging to the senses.

The sparse, emptiness in the production values adds to the very Psychedelic edge the band has. It also gives this a real up-front and personal vibe as you can hear every note being hit like your head is literally glued to a monstrous bass speaker cabinet. The vocals which are done is an almost tepid, lazy style suit the drug-induced vibe of the hazy riffing as they range from groaning to whispered to spoken. Also very effective is the range of effects they use, this makes up for any lack of guitar shredding and I doubt if you will even notice that this is an all bass guitar band. The basses are rich, warm and have such a wide, spaced out sound that engulf the eardrums. If you really want to talk about highlights then “Seas Of Saturn” really sealed the deal for me, just two tracks in and I was mesmerized by the sonic grooves here. What is also important to add is that while the band can be compared to the likes of other Stoner Doom greats like Electric Wizard, Horse Latitudes is actually much more complex which is surprising in a two-bass guitar led line-up. This is expansive, mind-bending Doom Metal that most of you will dig, turn this up loud but make sure your house has solid foundations as this is an unmerciful release of the highest magnitude…..9/10
Horse Latitudes @ MySpace
Horse Latitudes Bandcamp


Posted October 11, 2010 by doommantia in Horse Latitudes

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