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Here is a killer compilation put together by Tom Garner of Exhilarate Records. This 22 track collection features Doom, Drone, Sludge, Stoner, Noise, Black, Death, Progressive and Industrial bands from all over the world. As you will see from the track-listing the quality of acts is exceptional, some of the more well known acts include Ophis, Fall Of Empyrean, Funeral Hag, Enos, Dopefight, Tovarish and Drug Honkey. Free Compilations as good as this don’t come along that often so grab the download which is in two parts but most important of all, give all the bands a good listen and I guarantee you will discover some new favorites. Thanks goes out to Tom Garner for making this compilation available to the readers of Doommantia.Com.

01. Ophis ‘The Halls of Sorrow’
02. Hiram ‘Peering Over the Shoulder of Admiral Piri-Reis’
03. The Machete Massacre ‘Kingdom of Sin’
04. Bitterdusk ‘Amanecer De La Galaxi’
05. Fall of Empyrean ‘In the Shadows of the Sun’
06. Funeral Hag ‘Nellie Longarms’
07. Zatokrev ‘Story of a Thousand’
08. Enos ‘Back to Earth’
09. Grief’s Exquisite Veil ‘Sleep’s Caress’
10. Hopkins ‘Permutations’
11. Dopefight ‘Nob.Nod.Noi’

Part 2 – Tracks 12-22

12. Sombre Nocturne ‘Shattered Fields’
13. Tovarish ‘Laika’
14. Blame Keiko ‘Everything & Nothing’
15. The Way of Purity ‘Sinner’
16. Circus of Damnation ‘In Speciem Cadaveris’
17. Plaguewitch ‘Aarka’
18. John Halifax ‘Robust’
19. Merciless Precision ‘Suffer (live at the Zeneth)’
20. Normalman ‘Flamingo Land’
21. Drug Honkey ‘The Others’
22. Brown & Benbow ‘Dog Waste’

Download Part One
Download Part Two
Exhilarate Records Blogspot


Posted October 13, 2010 by doommantia in Beware the Gelatinous Gloop Compilation

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