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Australia’s The Nihilistic Front was formed in January 2005 and the original idea was for a one-man project of Gaz, the Guitarist and Tectonic Plate Shifter but he enlisted Drummer, Vocalist Chris to form the two-piece noise machine. Both Gaz and Chris both played in Antichrist, the first full length was released in 2006 titled “The Four Seasons in Misery” and last year “Total Disgust For Mankind” was recorded and released. Their influences include Disembowelment, Sunn O))), Godflesh, Corpse Molestation, Necrotomy, Monument Of Urns, Black Boned Angel and Aussie legends Christbait but The Nihilistic Front doesn’t really sound like any of them. They instead choose a even more ugly, bleak approach to Death and Doom Metal with a sound that is so pummeling, its like having your head stuck in a meat-press. There is four songs on this album and three of those are well over the 12 minute mark so they are long tortured filled expressions of noise and spill forth vile amounts of hatred.

“Stared Down By A Murder Of Crows” starts out the disc with reverberating droning ambiance and this builds throughout with injecting distorted spoken word samples that are carefully placed in the distance creating a very spooky vibe. Guitar noises range from howls to screeches to feed-backing moments that inject an terrifying tension-filled atmosphere. Its the shortest track of the four and it neatly sets the tone for the nightmarish sound-scapes featured on the rest of the album’s 43 minutes. Second track, “The Vehemence Of Self Denial” is where the real meat and potatoes is unleashed, this is some truly demonic sonic doom and wait till you hear the monster-like vocals, they are among the most hellish ever recorded, so much so they make Hooded Menace sound like The Beatles. “The Vehemence Of Self Denial” is epic stuff in every regard from the titanic weight of the crushing bass and thunderous drumming to the sickly impressive vocal performance. There is a hell of a lot inserted into this track that makes this 13 minutes an really diverse track. There is more disturbing spoken word and ugly, violent shouting samples, I am not sure where they got these samples from but they are really demented.

The bottom-ended bass rumble on this is horrific but its really the engrossing detail they have put into this recording that is truly stunning. Droning elements interweave with more traditional Doom elements and its all flattened to a pulp with the over-powering wall of deafening sounds and explosive drum patterns that at times border on grind. “The Fading Light From Bodies Departing” is equally as bleak and damaging to the cerebellum, its similar to the previous track in terms of the techniques employed but it may be even an darker, more menacing track overall and the rather long running time of the track makes it that little more punishing. The final track on the album titled “Shores Of Ephemeris” is another heavy dose of despair and hatred, it’s various movements and subtle variations in mood and tempo compliment each preceding section as the track flows extremely well despite its awkward approach to rhythm and time signatures. This music is very abrasive as it cuts, shreds and tears at your senses so its made for the extreme Doom fan and not for your typical Candlemass fan-boy, this is real grisly and dark, threatening Doom Metal for the hardest of hardcore Doom-Heads. For fans of Khanate, Burning Witch, Grief and other exponents of extreme Doom Droning Doom Metal with an industrial edge. A hideously heavy masterpiece……9.5/10
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