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Do we really need another Wino album? Damn right we do but I have to be honest and say when the news came out that Wino was releasing an acoustic kind of album, my first reaction was one of pure-horror and trepidation. After all when you are such an iconic riff master why would you want to do something like this anyway, the truth is Wino has had this on the back-burner for a long time but its finally its here. Being a collector of all things Wino, this is an album I needed but to my surprise the album exceeded all of my expectations. This album has been described as “Cat Stevens and Nick Cave jamming together at a BBQ” and I guess that is pretty accurate. For the first time ever, Wino had dropped his Stoner Doom tenancies and produced something that comes very much from the heart, I still prefer Wino ripping at some serious riffing and lead than this any-day but “Adrift” is a beautiful, melodic album and I think this the first time ever those two words have ever been used to describe anything Wino has been a part of. The album is almost all acoustic but there is some electric guitar here and there but there is no bass and drums so this is a very raw, stripped bare to the bone release.

Opening with the captivating title track, “Adrift” is a folk tinged bluesy track and Wino’s whiskey-drenched vocals are perfectly executed behind the his simple but precise guitar work. It draws heavily on the folk-rock traditions of the past, Neil Young and Bob Dylan are just two names Wino seems to be drawing inspiration from on this tune and the album as a whole. “I Don’t Care” is more blues and less folk as Wino and his gritty vocal take is perfect in delivering lyrics which seem to describe his Rock and Roll renegade lifestyle. “I Don’t Care” is the first track to feature electric guitar which is used towards the end of the tune taking it to the fade out ending. “Hold on Love” is perhaps the most commercial and melodic tune Wino has ever written while the following “Mala Suerte” is another bluesy tune featuring an level of dexterity on both acoustic and an raw, fuzzy electric guitar. This tune is the heaviest moment that “Adrift” has to offer and it seems a little misplaced at first as it sits rather awkwardly along-side the more melodic folk/blues based tunes but after repeated spins this tune becomes a highlight of the disc.

“Old and Alone” is the most “Wino” track on the album as it sounds like The Obsessed or Spirit Caravan gone acoustic, this song has Wino trying to inject a sense of anger and that is something that is hard to do within a acoustic song. I am not sure if “Old and Alone” works too well in light of the lyrical content he is trying to project but its also not a filler track but its also no highlight either. The big surprise point in the album comes next with a cover of Motorhead’s “Iron Horse/Born To Lose”, it might seem like a odd choice for a acoustic rendition but this version of the classic track works remarkably well. Wino’s vocal take makes the lyrics even more believable than the original Lemmy vocal as Wino turns the track into an anthemic masterpiece of story-telling. Being a Motorhead song, it tends to stand out from the rest of the album and acts like the centerpiece to the “Adrift” album. Even better though is “Suzanne’s Song” as Wino pours his heart out in this instrumental interlude, his playing is exceptionally sad and emotional and no lyrics are needed. “DBear” is a thought-provoking tune as Wino questions the human race, again the music is very heart-felt and honest. On the next track titled “Whatever” Wino sings about children being taking away due to life’s sometimes cruel circumstances. This is the not only time Wino sings from personal experiences as “Hold On Love” covers similar ground.

“Shot In The Head” is another song about the Rock and Roll lifestyle, in particular life on the road. The acoustic guitar takes on a kind of boogie-rock vibe here and it features an electric guitar solo by Ray Tilkens. “O.B.E” is next and its the only real throwaway, filler track on the album as it just seems a bit pointless and out of place. It is based around droning guitar and various effects but its experimental approach doesn’t achieve much. The album ends on “Green Speed” and its the most likely candidate to be reworked into a heavy, kick ass number for an Wino solo album. He unleashes the electric guitar and there is no mistaking its Wino delivering the goods, its an energetic, solid rocker and a good uplifting way to finish off the album. This album will of course piss off those who only see Wino as the riff master biker dude from The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan or the voice of doom from Saint Vitus but anyone with a open-mind and a appreciation for this man’s unique talents will get a lot out of this album. “Adrift” comes from a very personal place in Wino’s heart and mind and its a stunning, beautiful album overall. Some will skip this just due to the acoustic factor but I highly recommend it to hear the other side of this prolific musician….8.5/10
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  1. I agree, it's a fascinating and unexpectedly fresh album. However, I saw Wino playing on it. I liked him very much in any case (for me it was awesome only being less than three meters from him and getting the CD signed …) but he didn't seem to be that convinced.
    He played half of the songs on the album and at the end the Darsombra guy playing drone before him appeared more involved in and passionate about his music than Wino on his.
    Maybe it was one of those wrong nights.
    Or maybe he expected more people coming to see him on this acoustic evening in Milano ….

  2. I can imagine Wino would feel uneasy playing acoustic in front of a audience, not really something he would be used to. I do really like this album but I feel most people will see it as an novelty more than anything else which is a shame.

  3. I'm looking forward to this. I didn't know about this album until I read this review. I like when metal acts put their heart and soul into the stripped down acoustic (or semi-acoustic) style. I think it's an amazing sound (like Dax Riggs, Tom Morrillo, or even Johny Cash).

  4. Like! Even my dad likes it, and so does my girlfriend.. Great album, I must get a hold of that vinyl..



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