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The début EP Wellity Wellity Wellity consists of three tracks: Silents, Please!; Diaherpaid-Simplex B; Down And Out (The Great Omani). Coupled to the band’s name – Ktunk – and the horrible cover art, the first impression that this band gave me was: this better be good, because it sure looks sore on paper. Wellity Wellity Wellity can be enjoyed for free on Spotify, and listening to the ads while reviewing this EP didn’t do the overall experience any good. Ktunk hail from Bristol (United Kingdom), and they describe themselves as “Purveyors of GROOVING METALLIC DOOM..” Sadly though, Ktunk does not deliver.

The first band that pops to mind when listening to their first EP is Melvins. Stylistically stuck somewhere between early nineties grunge and groovy Melvins, the production is very heavy on the bass – it blows you away and a certain groove is certainly present. Silents, Please! opens up rather promising, due to the eerie riff and the low, low sound. The drummer reminds you of the Melvins, and after one minute a 2nd riff sets in – great – but then the vocals start and from that point on things go mostly downhill. The lyrics are pretty straightforward, not to say dumb, and the guitar riffs on this first song are really the only thing making this EP actually work. Diaherpaid-Simplex B lasts a good 5 minutes and the musical voyage is pretty boring. Never does the track surprise you, and you get riff after riff after riff without the bloody thing actually going someplace interesting. This is just a waste of time. Down And Out (The Great Omani) is track number three and the following lyrics can be heard: ash turns to ash, turns to dust, to dust. That’s just plain stupid. I don’t know, but the EP isn’t doing anything to the listener. It just sounds familiar, but its quality is just below average. Based on listening to this EP I would say they make a great pub band. But there is nothing really that sets it apart or makes this band a must see or the EP a must buy. To sum it up: it’s funny nor interesting, nor qualitatively satisfying.


On their myspace, their 2nd EP Little Wooden Boy can be listened to for free. By Day, the first track, opens up rather promising with a groovy bass riff and clean, simple drums. The vocals are mixed further in the background – which is a good thing. But then again, maybe the vocals sound that way because of the low quality of the recording. I’m not sure. The intonation of the vocals does remind me of Korn – which is not a good thing, mind you. The whole sound is a bit too much of nu-metal for me. To be honest, the EP isn’t very imaginative stylistically or musically, so I’m not sure what to write about this band. I can imagine there is a crowd and a taste for a band like Ktunk, but is it doom? Hardly. Closer – By Night – starts with a shrieking feedback, the last time I heard such an opening was in my hardcore days. The 2nd track is more of the same; the riff is the fundamental around which the music of Ktunk is build. But the song writing, nor the execution of the songs isn’t very interesting. I think this band has a big love for bands like Melvins, Tool, Korn, etc. but there isn’t anything really new they add to that love. For example, I can’t understand one Katharine Orton writing after seeing Ktunk live: “Here is a band that pay tribute to a range of influences, yet are well on the road to developing their own utterly distinct, hugely compelling style.” I hope we live to see the day that actually happens!

You can see them performing Silents, Please! live, here: Youtube


Ktunk Myspace
Ktunk Official
Live Review
Review Written By Sandrijn van den Oever 


Posted October 19, 2010 by doommantia in Ktunk

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