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  Zoroaster to Play Roadburn 2011

Roadburn Festival is very pleased to report that Zoroaster will be playing the Thursday Roadburn date, Thursday, April 14th, 2011.

Atlanta trio Zoroaster have never been content with sticking to one sound or formula and albums like Dog Magic and Voice of Saturn showcase a band operating within the realms of doom metal, sludge and psychedelic rock but showing a serious tendency to meander. Both records show hints of a band that can be both monolithic and atmospheric but also swing like vintage Sabbath at the very same time. When all three factors converge, Zoroaster is capable of delivering the coolest, heavy-duty, stoner odysseys this side of OM, Sleep and Electric Wizard. However, Zoroaster‘s vision comes to full fruition on their latest album, Matador, still very much in the doom-mold, but now with more and shorter songs.

Sometimes a band can linger in the shadows of their peers and be overlooked, and it’s easy to forget that some bands need a little more time to develop than others. In case of Zoroaster, their considerable growth over the years has placed them in the pantheon of psychedelic doom, up on Mount Collosus, alongside their brethren. ( Via Roadburn.Com )

Ramesses: New Album Due In March Plus Tour Dates

Dorset, England`s pummeling doom trio RAMESSES has had an ultra-busy year and has a lot planned for the coming months.

RAMESSES recently completed its latest wave of European live dates, selling out most of the concerts on their ten-show tour through France and Spain. At press time the band is gearing up for a three-day attack on British soil with support from Norway`s OBLITERATION. The trek includes stops in Newcastle and Birmingham and ends in London at the Fenriz-curated Live Evil festival this Saturday, where RAMESSES will appear alongside ANGEL WITCH, VOLCANO and HOODED MENACE, among others. These will probably be the last shows the band will play for 2010.


Oct. 21 – Trillians – Newcastle, UK

Oct. 22 – The Asylum – Birmingham, UK

Oct. 23 – The Underworld – London, UK @ Live Evil Fest

In other news, Jake and Dinos Chapman — the artists who crafted the controversial “Fucking Hell” art masterpiece used for RAMESSES` “Take The Curse” cover art — offered to make a video for the track “Baptism of the Walking Dead” from the album.

While RAMESSES has been working hard all year in support of its latest full-length, “Take The Curse”, released in June of 2010 on Ritual Productions, the band has already already captured ten new tracks for its third full-length opus. Tentatively set for a March 2011 release, “Possessed by the Rise of Magik” will once again be made available via Ritual Productions and will include such cuts as “Safety in Numbness”, “Towers of Silence” and an epic 15-minute title track.

Prior to the release of “Possessed by the Rise of Magik”, RAMESSES will release a two-song 12-inch EP entitled “Chrome Pineal/Blazoned Fauna”. “Chrome Pineal” is a ten-minute 1960s style exploration recorded during the “Take the Curse” sessions, and “Blazoned Fauna” is another brand new track from the “Possessed by the Rise of Magik” recording sessions.

RAMESSES was spawned in the woodland of Dorset, England. They have been disfiguring the innards of their army of devoted listeners since 2003 when drummer Mark Greening and guitarist Tim Bagshaw hooked up with Adam Richardson (bass and vocals).

For more information, visit Ramesses Myspace

Meanwhile the Doommantia Forum has been quickly coming to life in the past week, over 20 new members have registered and new discussion topics are appearing but no where near fast enough. With forums and message boards becoming the ghost towns of the Internet world, its good that there is least a few with an decent amount of activity. The first one is The Doommantia Forum, a great place to talk Doom or promote your band. You can even post your own CD or live reviews.
The Doommantia Forum

Another great one is Thee Big Black Forum, this one covers everything from music to books and film to general discussions about almost anything. You can also find the Doom Metal Alliance on there with its own hosted forum space.
Thee Big Black Forum

The last one I am going to mention is Within The Doomed Drones, the range of topics in discussion ranges from Doom & Drone to Conspiracy Theories and much more. Its also the official forum of The Horror Enthusiast website and Barren Meadows Recordings. You will also find the Doom Metal Alliance on this forum as well for your interview and CD review needs.
Within The Doomed Drones


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