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Aleks Evdokimov has interviewed Antti from Consciousness Removal Project, a band I know nothing about but their Myspace reads – Post-metal from Tampere, Finland. Everything from post-rockish build-ups to dark metal riffs. With both clean and screamed vocals. Read on and we can learn a little more about this very interesting band.

-Salute Antti! I think that I have a right to ask you about history of origin of Consciousness Removal Project: how long do you play under that title and what was a reason to start this project?
– Back in 2004, I was living in a boring suburb with no friends nearby and no Internet connection at the apartment, so I played a lot of guitar during the evenings. These instrumental guitar effect based songs just started coming up along other material I was writing. I used to post my song demos into the Internet from the university computer classrooms, and the instrumental songs seemed to get the best response so I thought I should pay more attention to them, and come up with a project title. In retrospect, not a lot of thought was put into that name.

-Which bands had influenced on you during that period? I guess that there were Isis and Neurosis among them but there are also some pure sludge-doom touches in your songs – where are they from?
-I wasn’t even listening to post-rock back then, I just discovered the same elements by accident. I was inspired by Pink Floyd, Tool and Radiohead, for example. The question about pure sludge and doom is interesting, because that’s something I’ve never listened to. The doom stuff I make with CRP is mostly my vision of what a perfect doom riff would be – sort of caricatures of certain styles that I’m not very familiar with.

-Consciousness Removal Project is your solo project but you have a couple of guest musicians on your last album “Do You Ever Think It’s The End Of The World?” which helped you to record songs and few musicians who play with you during gigs. Why do you call that solo-project in such case?
– The guest musicians help me with instruments that I don’t play myself, such as drums and saxophone. For the most part, I compose the guest musicians’ parts note for note on the computer, and just have them play the part on the real instrument. For the live gigs, we’re more like an actual band, and the musicians may change the parts a bit to suit their hands, but it’s for sure better than having me playing into a backing track!

-And how often do you play gigs? With which bands do you usually play?
-So far it has been just a few gigs a year, like this year we’ve played 5 gigs. I would like to play more though.

-So you compose all songs for the project alone, do you? What is your favorite song and why?
– I’ve composed all the CRP songs on my own, save for one old song, Exhale, which was originally written with my older band Blood On Our Hands. It’s hard for me to choose a favorite song. Actually it’s probably one of the new songs that aren’t released yet. Out of the released material, it could be any one from the latest album, I cannot pick just one of them, they’re all special to me.

-I understand it well – Consciousness Removal Project is great band by itself and you have a plenty of great songs; but don’t you think that you could enrich your music allowing other musicians to generate new ideas for it?
-Yeah, I’ve thought about that, but I think it’s good the way it is now. The other members in the live collective have musical projects of their own, where they can express their own musical creativity.

-How long did you play slow heavy music and what were your first songs which you play with your guitar?
– I’ve played guitar since the year 1995. The first songs I learned were AC/DC’s Hard As A Rock and Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters. I didn’t get into really heavy metal music and post-rock until 10 years later.

-The music which you do with Consciousness Removal Project is quiet complex and not too popular in Finland as I see – that mix of sludge, art-core and post-metal as Cult of Luna or Isis play is still rare in your country or can you name few more bands which follow that path?
-Callisto is definitely the most popular post-metal band in Finland, and they are awesome at what they do. Ghost Brigade is also getting quite popular these days, they’re one of my favourite bands. There’s also some bands in the underground. Anyone digging this style should
check out Betrayal at Bespin, they really have a unique sound.

-I listened your EP “852” and after it I think that there’s lesser of post-rock in “Do You Ever Think It’s The End Of The World?” It sounds heavier, deeper and I guess there’s a lot of doom in its songs.
– I’m glad that you noticed, it was a conscious decision to try to leave out the post-rock cliché’s such as drum crescendos and tremolo picked guitars. There’s also very little metal riffs, even most of the heavy parts are chord-based. Although, there’s going to be both riffs and post-rock elements again on the next album!

-Ha, but you just released “Do You Ever Think It’s The End Of The World?” and you want to say that you already start to compose new stuff?!
– Yeah, I’m always one album ahead of the listeners. When 852 came out, Do You Ever Think It’s the End Of The World was demoed almost the way the songs ended up. And now, I have the next album written up, in development process with the demos and soon we’ll start practicing the drum stuff with Artturi. I hope the next album recording won’t take as long as the last one.

-I listened your last album many times and each time I wonder how great it was record and mastered. Which equipment did you use and which studio did you visit to engrave that material?
-Believe it or not, but I recorded everything on my own on my computer. The drums were recorded at our rehearsal space and I did the rest at home. I played my Gibson and Tokai SG’s into a Finnish-made Monster amp with effects from Line6 POD XT Live. I also used some of my old Fender Deluxe amp and a little Roland Space Echo. The bass, a Tokai Jazz Sound was ran straight to board with plugin effects, and the keyboards came from a Nord Electro, a Roland Juno-106 and a Dave Smith Mopho. I recorded through an Echo Layla interface, into Cubase Essential 4. I used only free audio plugins in Cubase, by the way!

-Why do you share all of that great stuff simply as a free download?! Don’t you ever try to find a label to release your albums as a real CDs? It’s one of the main questions because it’s bloody strange when you can just download such high quality music for free.
– In the beginning, it was natural to just post CRP material online, and I’ve just sort of kept doing it. As long as I don’t have a label behind me, there’s no sense in trying to commit a financial suicide by putting out a self-published CD, at least in these days, when no one buys physical music anymore. I also think that it’s environmentally more sensible not to waste plastic for music, when everyone just listens to mp3’s. The current situation isn’t easy for record labels, so they aren’t signing a lot of bands, so I guess I just have to keep going on this way. But what matters to me the most is that people get to listen to the music, and by sharing it free is the best way to get people listening.

-How would you identify your music for yourself? I – as a listener – see it as heavy, dark and deep… well, and complex sometimes. I just think – maybe you feel your songs as harmonious and sonorous tunes noting not their somber atmosphere at all…
– This is a hard question. CRP is an interpretation of the unintentional sonic visions I get in my head, and I’m happy to be able to turn them into pieces of music and have people also enjoy them. I know there’s a lot of darkness in the music, but still some brighter parts as well. I’m actually not a dark person at all, but I just find a lot of beauty in dark music as opposed to happy music, which actually makes me feel bad.

-What is your own vision and conception of “Do You Ever Think It’s The End Of The World?”? Considering its lyrics I can suppose that you’re not very happy with human beings and their social activity… Of course most of the humankind are pretty displeasing creatures but we must start a main changes in ourselves and from that point a great change of world around us starts too.
– You’re on the right path there. The songs are not about an actual end of the world, but more on the end of the world on personal level. Each of the songs has a story of a person coming to an end on a different way. Some stories are mostly fictional, some are based on real-life matters, like these horrible school shooting incidents in Finland a couple of years ago.

-And what is musical conception of Consciousness Removal Project? Which path would you like to follow further in your creative searches?
– Like I explained earlier, CRP music comes from unintentional sonic visions that just come to my head, and I don’t think further about what kind of music I should produce. It’s all natural. The next album will have more ambient, post-rock and heavy riffs, and some surprising elements, but still keep the same concept as on the last album.

-Do you think it’s the end of the world?
– Sometimes, I think we all do.

-Well. Damn… and if it’s so… Even if the end of that world is near – does it change something? Do you think that we could change in such situation? What would you do if you know a date of such event?
– I think we should just live our lives without thinking about a possible end of the world but at the same try to make the world a better place to live.

-Antti, thank you very much for your patient – it’s a last question for now. I wish you all the best, I hope that one day we’ll have a chance to see Consciousness Removal Project in Russia – it would be very good. Best regards man… do you have something to add?
– I wanna thank everyone who have listened to CRP and liked it. Keep the comments, reviews and blog entries coming in, it’s the best way to give something back for listening to the music for free. Thanks to you also for the interview.

Consciousness Removal Project @ Myspace
CRP @ Bandcamp
Official Website


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