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Beware….Lovers of the loathsome those ghouls of horror and doom Acid Witch have a new 7″ out titled “Midnight Mass”. Seeing as the classic debut “Witchtanic Hellucinations” came out just before Halloween in 2008 and there has only been one EP since called “Witch House” so Acid Witch have been pretty slow at delivering more tales of horror. Earlier this year it was announced a new full length album titled “Stoned” will manifest itself this year but it looks like they have missed the Halloween deadline this time around. Acid Witch have received some positive reviews in the past and some absolute shockers but my favorite quote from a review read “The general idea of the band is to bring back simplistic death/doom with classic doom touches. They also attempt to resurrect the horror/occult based themes of bands past, which in their case takes the form of cartoon witches, goofy humour and the kind of B-movie aesthetic one should expect from a band affiliated with the goof-balls at Razorback Records” and the review was titled ” a piss-poor attempt at classic doom”. My reason bringing up this negativity from the past is just to highlight how people more often than not miss the point of Acid Witch and must have a weak sense of humor or maybe they just don’t like cheesy horror movies. Acid Witch are like a cheesy horror movie set to doom metal music and they have perfected the art. Creepy and downright old-school head banging fun, Acid Witch bring some fun back to the Doom Metal genre which is mostly full of musicians that take themselves very seriously indeed but they are not just a novelty act, Acid Witch is made of some very good musicians that are out to entertain and crush audiences with sheer heaviness and groove.

So they might have missed out on a full length for Halloween this year but they have this 7″ instead and thankfully these two songs will not appear on the upcoming album so this is an essential purchase. Adding to the incentive value is the packaging which comes in two different versions (pictured here). The Putrid Edition is in yellow, red and black while the Geyer Edition is in purple, orange and black. For true collectors they have a reduced price offer if you buy both editions and you can find all the details at the Hells Headbangers Shop. The first track “Midnight Mass” begins after a suitably ghoulish intro and this is classic Acid Witch with heavy down tuned death doom riffs, hellish guttural growls and a psychedelic organ adding to the twisted horror doom vibe. Turn it over for “To Magic, Sex and Gore” and it is more cinematic but equally as deadly with vintage sounding riffs but played with the lethal crushing intensity of death doom. Acid Witch will appeal to fans of Hooded Menace, Autopsy, Coffins, Winter and Witchfinder General but even fans of Deep Purple and Black Sabbath will find their 70’s elements stimulating. I will leave you with some Acid Witch lyrics which still crack me up every time I hear them – “Covered in boils and sores, Crusted over popped pimples, Discharging pus, With warts for nipples”…..Gotta love Acid Witch…..9/10
Acid Witch @ MySpace
Official Acid Witch Store
Hells Headbangers Records
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Posted October 28, 2010 by doommantia in Acid Witch

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