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Blut the two-man drone doom from the UK are not to be confused with the Swedish band of the same name, Blut play a low-fi, grotesque kind of blackened drone doom that makes Sunn O))) seem melodic. Their “F**K Everything” attitude comes across in their music, it is unrelenting and ugly but also captivating and atmospheric. The album “Ritual and Ceremony” is one of the best recordings of its kind made in recent years and listening to it takes on you on a journey that isn’t pleasant but it is totally mesmerizing. Fans of Buried At Sea and Moss need to check out this band. I did this interview with the two guys from Blut simply known as S.M (Drums,Guitar,Voice,Noise)  and N.B (Bass,Noise,Tapes).

1. Thanks for this interview and sorry for the delay but life sucks sometimes. I guess a good place to start is on the band and its history. Can you tell the readers a bit about your musical backgrounds and the formation of the band Blut ?

S.M – Well the both of us were in black metal and as they dissolved we started  BLUT as an experimental outlet, but it soon became clear to us that this was the direction we wanted to head in , there is no pressure in this band to stick to set out formulas  ,where as in Black Metal you shouldn’t really deviate too much from the standard sound. We also had vintage valve amps at our disposal so what better way to use them than with drone doom.

2. The band plays a kind of blackened droning doom that is small passages is more in-line with some black metal acts in terms of atmosphere. How and who from the black metal scene influences the band and why ?
S.M – I suppose some elements from playing Black Metal have stayed with us, especially in the high vocals and the overall lo-fi sound which we create  .We,  like many Doom and Black Metal musicians are not really looking for a polished sound,  its more the atmosphere we want to achieve, in fact we have even been known to record onto old cassette recorders and Dictaphones just to acquire heavy tape saturation and hiss in our sound. We also record everything ourselves with no outside help, other musicians and studio people would not understand our methods and we do not appreciate  outside interference in what we do. Bands like BURZUM,BLASPHEMOUS CRUCIFIXION, HELVINTR, TENEBROUS,  MOONBLOOD, MALVEILLANCE, JUDAS ISCARIOT, SADOMATOR, NASTROND, GRAVELAND(early), HEARTLESS(China) and ISTIDRAJ have been a big influence on our sound but also bands like NIGHTSTICK, EARTH, 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS, JOHN FAHEY, TROUBLE, WARNING and BLACK SABBATH.


3. Do you feel limited by playing this style of music and by being a just a two piece ?

S.M – No, it’s never been a problem. We can experiment with this style and the possibilities are vast. As far as being a two piece goes, well its fewer people to have to rely on, and really we don’t know of anyone else in our area who wants to play this stuff with us, it turns out that most people don’t want to play the same three riffs for twenty minutes.

N.B – I don’t feel limited at all in fact I was more limited when I had a conventional band format if you can call it that. I like fucking around with noise and doing something that doesn’t have to stick to a formula.

4. The music you create, dare I say is pretty sick and twisted stuff, the kind of music that would go good with LSD. Are you a drug influenced band ?

S.M – Well I am a heavy drinker and I can think of nothing better than smashing down a bottle of Vodka or Spiced Rum and listening to Doom and Black Metal for hours on end, fuck it,  no I don’t do drugs anymore but I can see why someone would want to get high and listen to BLUT  it can be some psychedelic shit, when I was heavily into weed smoking I used to listen to NIGHTSTICK “Blotter” and MOONBLOOD rehearsal cassettes over and over  and I think those times have influenced my part in BLUT massively.

N.B – I no longer take part in drugs as I had massive issues with anxiety and O.C.D., so I stick to booze and the occasionally prescribed NHS standard chill pills. But if someone else wants to get twisted and rock out I am there with them in spirit.

5. Most people who have heard you would have heard you from the Ritual and Ceremony album but you have actually done several recordings in a short space of time. Can you fill us in on all this activity ?

S.M – Yeh, we recorded three demo cassettes before our album and we released them through the now deceased Wolfs Hook Records. THIS BURDEN was the first demo consisting of two tracks over thirty minutes or so, the second demo was DEAD.SOLSTICE released on Summer solstice 2009 again two tracks with a more black metal ambience hanging over the guitar drones, the third demo was a split cassette with Italian doom band TOD this was called HOLOCAUST DOOM ASSUALT and we played two tracks on this Throne2 and Throne Ritual which later were re-recorded and appeared as the first track on Ritual and Ceremony, these two tracks are were we really began to define our style.

6. Seriously what do you get out of playing this kind of music ? This may seem like a negative question but some people just don’t get it do they ?

S.M – Well I understand why some people don’t get this music, its outsider music it isn’t for everyone, but the few people who like to get fucked up and listen to ritualised doom and lo-fi black metal, they will dig it. As far as what we get out of it, lets put it like this, when we rehearse and we have the valve amps as loud as we can and  we are half drunk on cheap Vodka locked  into a fuzzed out wall of guitar distortion it can become all-consuming, I would say almost cathartic for us. Thus releasing our negativity through this shit and hopefully poisoning the lives of our listeners in the process, we want to take all you fucks down with us!

N.B – I get to rock out with a fucking massive  bass amp stack and get hammered.

7. What have the live shows been like ? Can you tell us about some of those performances ?

S.M – We haven’t played live yet but the rehearsals sound promising and hopefully we can get on a show or two next year, but I couldn’t care much about playing this music live. So yeah if we play it wont be around here and it isn’t going to be very often. We enjoy playing this shit live for ourselves to much, I guess we’re selfish.

N.B. – I am happy to do shows if they come up and to be fair we could play at very short notice, we know our shit, that being said I never want it get to the point where playing shows becomes important.

8. Have you got a method or formula to writing the songs ? How did the songs for Ritual And Ceremony come together for example ?

S.M – I just would get an idea for a riff or two, go into the studio and record it, then I will keep going back to said riffs over the next few weeks or months and keep changing them and adding on them, but there’s no real formula its pretty loose and relaxed its important not to force songs like this, they will take on their own form if you leave them and work on them over time. We also record improvised noise from dubbed tapes played through effects pedals at our rehearsals, and then take them into the studio and add them over the more Drone and ambient arrangements. Ritual and Ceremony was recorded over the space of about two months, it was cool just getting drunk and going back over the songs, stripping them down adding new sounds trying out different recording techniques and layering sounds. We were also rehearsing the songs at excessive volume throughout the whole recording , so we could iron out bits that didn’t sit right.

9. People tend to automatically compare bands like Blut to Sunn O))) when most of the time the bands sound nothing like them really. Does this make you mad or do you take it as a compliment ?

S.M – It doesn’t bother me, I mean we play slow, use similar sounds and don’t have a great deal of drums compared to most Doom bands so the comparison is going to be inevitable, and fuck it SUNN O))) are a good band man, they will never beat Earth2 though, I listened to that record flat out for a year once, ha!!!!

N.B. – Who are SUNN O)))?

10. As a reviewer I stay clear of reading other people’s reviews for bands to keep my thoughts fresh so what have the reviews been like for your work ?

S.M – We’ve had nothing but positive reviews, and that’s good, Ritual and Ceremony is fucking heavy man, people should get drunk and zoned out on amitriptyline, listen to it, then go out and desecrate some graves, maybe get into some fuckers tomb and steal a skull.

11. What are the musical requirements for making this kind of blackened apocalyptic music do you think ?

S.M – You don’t have to be an amazing musician to play these songs but it takes a certain attitude and dedication to do so, like I said earlier people don’t want to play the same notes and riffs for too long they can get bored and think the song is going nowhere, I can’t think of anything worse than say a technical death metal band, that to me definitely goes nowhere I mean some of these fucking bands rarely play the same riff twice on any given song, we are more about getting hold of a riff and hypnotizing the listener with it then ritually abusing and murdering them with psychedelic Black Metal hate. A love for noise and repetition is also required, this is the ritual element of the music and has to be worshipped then defiled beneath an altar of feedback and amplifier static. Misanthropic hatred towards this miserable cunt planet and its inhabitants also helps, and you could probably do with getting a 70,s amplifier and a big muff .

12. What is your honest opinion on the UK underground scene, I personally have always love the British doom and drone scenes but you guys actually live it so is it as good as it seems to be ?

S.M – Yes there is some good Doom bands here, but we are not very active in the scene at all, I don’t know anyone in other bands and I’m not really in communication with other fans of Doom or Black Metal we are on the outside of it all and to be honest I’m happy not to get involved in scenes and shows at the moment.

N.B –  Black Sabbath invented doom and despite that twat Sharon Osbourne ruining Ozzy I.E –  not letting him die of alcohol and drug addiction before he did those shit solo albums, I would say that’s one up for English doom, also I don’t know if you have come across them but Electric Wizard are a pretty good doom band from my home town.

13. Who do you hate ? I ask this because there is a certain level of hatred that comes out in the bands material ?

S.M – The sample we used at the end of the second track on Ritual and Ceremony “And Death shall flee from them” pretty much sums it up for me, forty hour week wage slaves man,  and TV addicted robots, fuck that, I never want to be a part of that shit again, I dropped out a long time ago and I urge others to do so, and people that show off about being in a band, you know what no one gives a shit about your fucking crappy music and what guitar you got, I never tell anyone I play music anymore, the average man on the street couldn’t give a fuck about underground music so why brag about it? You just end up sounding like a cock and annoying people like me.  Also greedy bastards and deceitful rip off scum should go die, you know who you are.


14. So what is the future for Blut  for future albums & tours ?

S.M – We are in the process of finishing a forty minute track for an upcoming cassette release, the new track has a more over driven bass guitar sound and again massive expanses of droning noise and psyched out Black Metal puncture wounds, with some nightmare inducing ambient guitar loops. We are looking for a label also, but we can self release, a label isn’t everything, also there was talk with an American Doom band for a split cassette next year.

N.B. – what he said, but also I intend on starting a stadium rock band kind of like KISS, I got bills to pay.

15. Thanks again for the interview, any last words for the readers ?


N.B – If you buy Ritual and Ceremony and you find it’s not your thing, I can suggest an awesome band called Steel Panther, thanks for reading fuckers.
Blut @ Myspace
Blut Blogspot


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  1. Haha, tough guys! Thanks, very enjoyable interview.
    Lol, if they make SunnO))) sound like melodic I HAVE to try them …

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