October Report Card   2 comments

THE GOOD NEWS: Doommantia for the first time cracked the 50,000 view count for the month of October. I must thank Electric Wizard as after publishing the “Black Masses” review, hits to the site went through the roof. It shows the interest level for EW is higher than ever before. In the 24 hours after when the review was published, Doommantia got over 2000 views with 1,100 coming in just a matter of hours. The other good news is the donation button has been more a success than first expected. Donations have come in regularly, I admit in very small amounts of change but we did get a couple of sizeable donations. I try to thank everyone but if I missed someone, thanks again. Times are tough for me and your generosity is the only thing keeping me afloat at the moment. Thanks for all your support and the reviews and interviews will keep on coming.

REVIEWS: Apart from the mighty Electric Wizard, we review many albums as usual but the bands that really stood out this month were Windhand, Bison b.c, Acid Witch, Iron Witch, Nevertanezra, Grave Siesta, Wino, Pombagira, Groan, Horse Latitudes, Elliotts Keep, Hangman’s Chair and Ghost for the amount of comments it generated. We also reviewed a couple of great compilation albums namely the Planetfuzz comp, “Cowbells And Cobwebs” and the “Beware the Gelatinous Gloop Compilation”.

INTERVIEWS: This month we interviewed Blut, Olde Growth, My Sleeping Karma, Stoned Jesus, Gareth Millsted, Queen Elephantine and Mournful Congregation sent in by the newest member to the Doommantia writing team, Adam Drzewucki.

THE BAD NEWS: The dreaded spam is up and I have blocking URL’s like crazy over the month, not a lot I can do to stop it but the chat-box has been hit the most. Seems like people see it and seem think it gives them the right to type something stupid, again it is a pointless move as I just block them from the site and remove their messages.

THANK YOU: Thanks again to everyone that has supported the site and welcome to all the new readers of Doommantia.Com. Keep those review requests coming in also.

Cheers – Ed Barnard


Posted November 1, 2010 by doommantia in Doommantia

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  1. Thanks! I just discovered your site
    recently and i really enjoy it!

  2. Keep up the stellar work!

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