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NOTE: Excuse the Russian To English translation, this was lifted from the Russian Metal Library website.
I’d love to begin with “American web-zine Doom Metal Alliance ( finally released another compilation of recent doom-tracks of various members of this underground genre, but today to the epithet “ordinary” I should also add a definition of “last.” Due to the fact that the DMA partly turned into a label, his manager, Ed has decided to break the tradition of the regular issuance of such samplers, focusing on working with bands of his label. Is it good or bad?.. I think that time shall tell, but the mere fact that the twelfth edition if DMA sampler has been downloaded about twelve thousand times, said that it was worthy of continuing objection to the method spreading the Doom-Word to nations.

I could just confine my review with the statement of fact – the sampler would be need to download, but today I have some free time, and I use it to say just a few sentences about each of the groups represented here. The first go to fight the Texas Knights of Elliotts Keep, their song “Fearless” is taken from the new CD “Sine Qua Non” which was released in September, and (like many tracks of this complicated band) this track has incorporated best elements of traditional doom as well as hard thrash-components. It is a strange combination, but the reasons of it were extensively described in an interview with band’s guitarist Jonathan (you can find it right here of course if it’s interesting to you), he sincerely told us al the truth about new album – what, why and how was recorded. “Fearless” – an epic piece with the spirit of doom-legend Solitude Aeturnus (John Perez also took part playing guitar on one of the album’s tracks) with the strong heroic chorus and guitar thrash-breakdowns and vocal switches – from the pure voice to a more brutal. This song is more than worth to listen to as you already understood. The Sun Through A Telescope – this is some sort of harsh stuff, Ed is not without a sin – he often pushes different experimental teams in DMA sampler, and those Canadians sounds at least unusual, but claiming to be doom, they call their creation “ambient grindcore.”

Firstly I was feeling shock with that synthetic voice, echoing the machine language unintelligible phrases, despite such fact keys in the composition of “Glowing Halloween Eyes” is almost not involved – the voice of the beaten lives C3PO accompanies severe industrial shred. The band seemed to make a break on the second half of composition – strangely – going back to where to begin, chop the hard riffing before the end of its airtime. It is not clear with the guys. But song in itself is very interesting. The Ageless Relics – the third group, we did go through the list … Their track “Temporary Relief Of Insanity” is psychedelic phantasmagoric stoner-shaped doom with a stoned voice and rok-n-roll straightforwardness; track is standard but it’s a bit hard to listen because of weed’s smoke – – a frequent change of pace and blur boundaries of the zone of creative searches make it even more difficult to give an adequate assessment of the group. The Americans The Ageless Relics recorded the album in August – a link to it is available at their website. Severe Vast Hollow (Melbourne) slowly crushes eardrums with “Stone Rain.” Their song is solid death doom with ragged and pure vocals, eight minutes of dense dark material.

With Usturo Bune things are fairly simple, their funerary drone is hairy, well-written as a sound’s quality in this genre takes prior place and should be high, the instrumental track “Massive Atmospheres” fits all those who are not bored with Stijn Van Cutter and his Ethereal. The last two tracks of the collection – exclusive material and you will not hear anywhere else. The first exclusive track – is “Fallen Giant” from WTTA, track devoted to the leader of the legendary Type O Negative Peter Steele, recently went into another world, it’s a more than twelve minutes long torture with mid-quality lacerated drone/noise. “Fallen Giant” is a strange dedication which is obviously understandable only by the authors – I can not pretend the meaning of this venture for me is beyond of my comprehension, although at the end of the track clearly the bell tolls for the peace of the departed rock hero. By the way, the group participated in 10 of the DMA sampler. The last participant of that release is a solemn Sabazius, taking the drone-baton from WTTA, they slowly march dropping a curtsy to old good funeral doom, their track, despite the fact that they delayed closing of the sampler for half an hour, sounds much clearer and more alive than the one from their predecessors. It’s really easier to listen though they’re heavier than tombstone (and more serious as a coffin), I like their “Shadows On The Wall” – I could find something for myself, I can not say that directly I like there because there’s no any new doom-chips out there, but it just sounds authoritative and demands respect. Sabazius doesn’t hide their works, so if you’ll check their MySpace profile, then you can find a link to some of their releases.

So that way last Doom Metal Alliance sampler is gone – modest and without much pomposity… With my hand on heart, I would not say that I find something supernatural in this release, expectedly scored well Elliotts Keep, it was interesting to hear their latest work, especially because I couldn’t get their last CD due to magic work or local post-office. However, if you suddenly feel the desire to hear something new from the world of Doom, then you just have to download Doom Metal Alliance sampler at number 13. Why not? No one will take your money for that – even Nikita Mikhalkov.
Doom Metal Alliance Myspace
Download: Download Here
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