Kyuss Reforms (Well Kind Of) & Pentagram Signs To Metal Blade   6 comments

Three quarters of the influential stoner rock group Kyuss have regrouped for a European tour under the name Kyuss Lives. The news was supposed to be officially announced this week, but has been leaked on the website of Amsterdam’s Paradiso club.
The Kyuss Lives band features original Kyuss members singer John Garcia, bassist Nick Oliveri and drummer Brant Bjork and will be joined by on guitar Bruno Fevery. Oliveri was an original member of the group, though he replaced by Scott Reeder when he left Kyuss shortly after 1992’s Blues for the Red Sun album.
The fourth member of Kyuss Josh Homme will not be joining the tour; as Reeder explained in 2008 when asked about the possibility of a Kyuss reformation “I think everyone but Josh would do it in a heartbeat. Back in the day we were always told, “You gotta strike while the iron’s hot,” and Josh’s is still red hot.”
The inventors of Desert Rock have grown in popularity and acclaim since the breaking up in 1995 leading to a best of compilation Muchas Gracias in 2000 and numerous offers to reform the band.
The reunion follows a tour by Garcia under the banner ‘Garcia plays Kyuss’, which saw Oliveri and Bjork joined Garcia onstage to perform Green Machine and Gardenia during the bands headlining appearance at France’s Hellfest in June this year.
Before that show Garcia had told Blabbermouth that he wanted to tour Kyuss material “for the fans. Both for the ones that have seen Kyuss live back in the days, and especially for the ones who haven’t had that chance. This could be as close as they could get to the real thing.”

mars 11 Bergen, NORWAY Rökeriet
mars 12 Oslo, NORWAY Rockefeller
mars 13 Stockholm, SWEDEN Debaser Medis
mars 15 Hamburg, ., GERMANY Docks
mars 16 Berlin, GERMANY Columbia Halle
mars 18 Basel, SWITZERLAND Z7
mars 19 München, Bayern, GERMANY Backstage Werk München
mars 20 Budapest, ., HUNGARY Gödör
mars 22 Wien, AUSTRIA Arena
mars 23 Milano, Italy, ., ITALY Live Club
mars 24 Frankfurt, ., GERMANY Hugenottenhalle
mars 25 Paris, FRANCE Elysee Montmartre
mars 26 Athens, GREECE Fuss Club
mars 27 Brussels, BELGIUM AB
mars 28 Cologne, ., GERMANY Live Music Hall
mars 29 Amsterdam, ., NETHERLANDS Paradiso
mars 31 Nottingham, ., UNITED KINGDOM Rock City
avr. 1 Wolverhampton, ., UNITED KINGDOM Wulfrun Hall
avr. 2 London, UNITED KINGDOM The Forum

In other news long-running D.C. doom legends PENTAGRAM, with riff-meister Victor Griffin back in the fold, will record their new album, “Last Rites”, between November 29 and December 21 for a late March/early April release via Metal Blade Records. The effort will be a double-disc set consisting of the new studio album and a DVD of the band`s performance at this year`s Maryland Deathfest, which was held on May 28-30, 2010 at Sonar in Baltimore.
Working songtitles set to appear on the CD:
* Walk In The Blue Light
* Horseman
* Virgin Death
* Figure Eight
* Everything`s Turning To Night
* Mark My Word
* Sunday`s Child
* Old Man
* Thrill Of The Kill
PENTAGRAM`s current lineup:
Bobby Liebling – Vocals
Victor Griffin – Guitar
Greg Turley – Bass
Gary Isom (SPIRIT CARAVAN) – Drums
PENTAGRAM: to the enlightened few they are one of the primary architects of heavy metal and obvious progenitors of doom metal, while to others they remain a mystery.
Less mysterious and downright miraculous is how the band (or more specifically the sole remaining original member, iconic vocalist Bobby Liebling) has triumphantly survived countless setbacks to return to the stage, armed with a limited yet astonishingly influential back catalogue.

Source: Stonerrock.Com


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6 responses to “Kyuss Reforms (Well Kind Of) & Pentagram Signs To Metal Blade

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  1. Wow! Glad to see the Kyuss guys (well 3/4 of them) getting back together. Maybe there's some cash in it for them but it seems like a legitimate thing. I hope they tour the states.

    And good for Pentagram.

    Hopefully metal blade will bring the godfathers of doom to the (m)asses < --Vitus pun intended! Thanks for the update Ed!

  2. Hopefully Metal Blade will treat Pentagram a little better than what they are doing for Electric Wizard, MB are suppose to be pushing Black Masses in the US but haven't done a damn thing so far.

  3. Well I think the EW thing is different…they aren't technically on their roster, just the north american distribution. Apparently Black Masses won't be “released” in the US for awhile……or so my friends at a few record stores tell me.

  4. Well that is true but Metal Blade have got a weird reputation when it comes to distribution too. They seem to pick their favorites and ignore the rest but I admit I haven't got much respect for the label so I am biased.

  5. I'm in the middle with them….on one hand they have great bands such as Primordial, Bolt Thrower and even King Diamond…..but they have some really horrible excuses for bands on their roster. The deathcore thing is wrong. I guess they're cashing in on stupid kids who buy into that retarded trend…but why can't they be shoving The Gates of Slumber down 16 year old kids throats? I don't know….hopefully Pentagram will benefit greatly from it.

  6. Yeah that is my point exactly, they seem to wet themselves over the latest fads in metal and ignore what they should be pushing. They have changed a lot of course since their early days when they were fairly credible for their underground metal status, now days they have mostly succumb to trends. Hopefully Pentagram will be given the treatment they deserve.

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