Vestal Claret – Lost Loved Ones + Bonus Tracks ( Free Download )   1 comment

Vestal Claret, one of the most underground Heavy Metal acts that were ever in existence originally recorded the original tracks for “Lost Loved Ones” to be a part of a split with Hour Of 13 but it never happened. Instead it was released as a very limited edition cassette tape that came with a Vestal Claret pin and patch. If you have never heard Vestal Claret, you have missed out on one of the best Traditional Heavy Metal acts. The line-up did include Phil Swanson (Hour of 13, Upwards of Endtime, Briton Rites, Earthlord, Blastmat, Loathe, KYD, Damnation (USA), Seamount, Lepus, Atlantean Kodex, Nightbitch), Simon Tuozzoli – Guitars/Bass, Mike Petrucci – Drums and Tim Schmidt – Guitars. The last known line-up however was Swanson along with Ryan Adams – Guitars (Catalyst, Capharnaum, Ipsissimus, Nightbitch) and Jay Bear on bass and drums. How this band didn’t make it big in the underground metal scene is both a mystery and a tragedy. This EP is very much a collectors item in its original format but luckily Phil Swanson has agreed to circulate this EP once more, this time via a free download with the inclusion of unreleased cover songs! This EP features the material that was planned for the split with Hour Of 13th. Re-mixed and mastered and pressed on c-52 red chrome 24Cr tapes.Exclusive to this free download are 3 covers songs from: Thelema, Skin Yard, and Lubricated Goat.

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Posted November 4, 2010 by doommantia in Vestal Claret

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  1. Simply spectacular … Thanks so much for sharing!!!!
    I made a post on it on sludgeswamp as well.

    Here it is:

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