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Without a doubt Portugal is becoming a rising force when it comes to producing solid doom acts, they seem to be new band popping up at least once a month from the region and this is the newest one that I have heard, a band called Mourning Lenore. The band is only a couple of years old and the only other release that I am aware of is a split album with Insaniae titled “Daemonium 3rd Anniversary”. The band has two guitar players both named João with João Galrito also doing the vocals, he seems like the most experienced member of the band in terms of the amount of bands he has been involved with as he has been a part of Pestilência (Prt) Crystalline Darkness (session), Amarionette, Veinless and Intragável. The bleak album art gives you one sign of the music but the actual music is a little different to what you may be expecting. It is in the Gothic, Death Doom realm and not so much the Funeral Doom direction as you might think by looking at the artwork but it is heavy and dark. Mourning Lenore play along the same lines as Paradise Lost and Katatonia but there is also a post-whatever element in the music. I say whatever as I have become tired of post-this and post-that when it comes to describing music, lets just say there is indeed a 90’s rock element within these tunes on “Loosely Bounded Infinities”.

The album has six songs ranging from 8 to 12 minutes and is very generic and unoriginal, I will get that out-of-the-way now. Having said that, the band do sound inspired and there is no doubting their musical ability. The problem I face is there isn’t one song on the album that is memorable and while I sit here listening to the album one more time, I still feel very unmotivated by these songs. While there is strong melodies at work and an intense feeling of melancholy, the songs lack the dramatic edge that this kind of music needs. Songs like “Contours of a Dream” have some strong emotional sections but at over 10 minutes long, it didn’t keep my attention going. “Unchained” is as strong but even sparse keyboard elements can’t save it from being nothing more that just another Goth-Doom song. They use the usual Death-grunts in combination with clean vocal parts and it’s the clean sections that come off sounding the best within this band. The bands strong-point is the guitar work though with heavy-riffing and some fine melodic leads but the rest of the band are also pretty good, especially drummer Emanuel Henriques. The album consists of 4 brand new compositions plus “Rain’s Seduction” and “Patterns Of Emptiness” from the split with Insaniae as bonus tracks tha makes up the 6 songs and interestingly enough it is those 2 bonus tracks that are the best two songs on the album in my humble opinion.

At the end of the day, this is far from the worst album I have heard in the genre but it is also far from being the best. It is saved by great musicians but the songs themselves are just straight out of the Goth-Death Doom handbook. For fans of Anathema, Paradise Lost, Katatonia and My Dying Bride. Yes, another one of those bands……………………6/10


Posted November 7, 2010 by doommantia in Mourning Lenore

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