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The 2011 Roadburn Festival features an extremely special performance by sludge / stoner legends Buzzov*en, set for Thursday, April 14th at the 013 venue, Tilburg, Holland –Weedeater‘s Roadburn appearance is set for Saturday, April 16th.

Formed in 1989 when heavy riffs primarily meant grunge, Buzzov*en brought a particularly virulent malice and filth to their music that often manifested itself in extreme violence at their live shows. Not surprisingly, given their level of intensity and their heavy touring schedule, their lineup was quite volatile and changed frequently. Now remaining original member Kirk Fisher (guitar/vox) has reformed the band’s “…At A Loss” lineup with Dixie Dave (Weedeater) on bass, Sleepy Floyd (Sourvein) on guitar and Ramzi (Sourvein) on drums.

In the 12 years Buzzov*en was together, they released 3 LP’s (“To A Frown”, “Sore”, “…At A Loss”) and 5 EP’s along with their legendary “Buttrash” demo tape and the bootlegged but not officially released

“Revelation: Sick Again” which was supposed to come out on Hydra Head Records. The influence of the band far exceeds their recorded output though, as they and Eyehategod are the forefathers of sludge / stoner

and their frequent tours spread the sludge gospel far and wide, while spawning countless offspring wherever they roamed.

We feel extremely lucky to be able to bring Buzzov*en to the Roadburn Festival to give everyone a chance to experience their vitriolic riffs and rage filled performance.

We’re also very excited to report that Weedeater will play the Saturday Roadburn date, Saturday, April 16th, 013 venue, Tilburg, Holland.

Giving truth to the adage that the south will get high again, Weedeater bring their rip-snortin’ Sabbath influenced sludge-doom straight to your noggin like a huge bong hit with a whiskey chaser. Plying their southern pride saturated, riffgasms for the last 13 years, the band is a force to be reckoned with, whether simply proselytizing about weed, or more frequently, making social commentary on the brutishness of life.

Shorn of his big toe, but not his will to rock, frontman / bassist Dixie Dave will lead the power trio on an assault of Roadburn’s stage that is sure to be one of the can’t miss performances of the festival. Their new release “Jason…The Dragon” is scheduled to be released by Southern Lord late in 2010.

Roadburn Festival is very pleased to report that Cough will be playing the Thursday Roadburn date, Thursday, April 14th, 2011.

Richmond’s Cough delivers a dirge-laden take on excessively drugged out doom (think Electric Wizard as the central point of reference). Both their albums, Sigillum Luciferi and Relapse Records début, Ritual Abuse, feature heavy, dark, psychedelic doom that sounds like a thousand pharmaceutical-whacked zombies just escaped from Manchester morgue wailing away at an all night party after a pharmacy-raiding crime spree. At other times, Cough‘s monolithic sound is less warped and hallucinogenic, but strongly suffocating and claustrophobic, and becomes so densely hateful it’s nearly black metal in its ambience.

Roadburn Festival is very pleased to report that Wolf People will be playing the Saturday Roadburn date, Saturday, April 16th, 2011.Since 2006 the name Wolf People has been uttered with hushed reverence among psych heads, record collectors and fervent music enthusiasts in the UK. Their mix of psych rock riffs, blues chops and acid folk eventually bringing them to the attention of legendary US label JAGJAGUWAR (home to Black Mountain, Dinosaur Jr, Oneida etc). The début LP Steeple released earlier this year is fiercely proud of it’s heritage both musical and cultural, and doesn’t shy away from it’s influences, but that’s not to say it’s not it’s own beast: majestic, heavy and real.

Roadburn Festival is pleased to report that White Hills will return to Roadburn after their triumphant 2009 appearance. White Hills are scheduled for Saturday, April 16 at the 013 venue.

Hailing from New York, White Hills are nothing if not the aural simulation of an LSD freak-out. A jammed up collision of fuzzed-out wah guitars, gonzoid bass riffs and weird electronic noises arranged in a stunning replication of the effects of Owsley’s psychotropic gift to brains everywhere. Roadburn, please be aware that the brown acid isn’t too good, we recommend taking White Hills instead.
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4 responses to “Roadburn Monster Update – November 7th

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  1. It getting more and more painful to see such a continuous addition of awesome bands to next Roadburn's bill without being sure of getting hold of the bl***y ticket …
    On the 27th of November 2010 a struggle against time will sweep the world … 🙂

  2. I feel your pain Mari, every year I nearly cry when I think about the bands I am missing at this great event. I think next year will be the best one yet but it will cost me at least 3,000 to go there with air-fare, accommodation and everything else plus it always sells-out before I have a chance to do anything about it anyway. It is kind of depressing for us doom-heads that live so far away in the USA.

  3. I know, I should shut up, I'm the last one who can complain …
    Ed, you definitely have to move to Europe, maybe to Holland: I guess climate is not so different from Seattle. You could be in the “heart of the action” (= many many concerts across Europe with low-cost fares), in addition to the fact that there people are nice and friendly and children grow up well …

  4. I have thought about it many times, I lived in the UK in the early 80's, I should have stayed there. I would be going to Roadburn every year by now. The once great capital of Rock N Roll….the USA is now a weak shadow of its former-self, it is very sad. Every since 9/11 Americans are too scared to do anything, we could have festivals like Roadburn here but like Wyndorf from Monster Magnet recently said in a interview, the USA has become a country of cry-babies.

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