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Warchetype from Spain are one of the most under-appreciated bands in the world of Doom Metal and it makes no sense to me why that is, they should be huge, at least in the terms of the underground. With a succession of excellent albums already to their name starting with Goat Goddess Supremacy in 2007 and up to last year’s three-way split with Lords of Bukkake and Sons of Bronson, Warchetype have always impressed me with their fresh take on Traditional Doom. What sets them apart from most is they have the usual influences, Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Trouble and Candlemass but they blend that with influences from old-school Death Metal bands and put an original vibe to it, mainly coming from the unique and varied vocal style of Iban Arrieta.  The five-piece also have an exceptional guitar duo with David Bruguera and Jordi Boluda both being very good at supplying great riffing. Add to that, some exciting tempo changes and a mythical edge to their lyrical concepts, Warchetype have much for the average doom-fan to get intrigued by. They have always managed a fine balance of heavy-styles on their recordings but “Ancestral Cult of Divinity” is their most well-rounded album yet.

That fine balance is clear in the opening “Amon Wolf” that alternates between Traditional Doom Metal and more aggressive Death Metal passages. While the song is still rich is Sabbathian traditions, the guitar duo also know how to dish out moments of chaotic Death Metal fury but keeping it well-controlled. The vocals are unusual to a point and I can see people being a little put off at first but by the time the grunting vocals take place later in the song, I am sure most people will be used to his slightly eccentric vocal approach. A short medieval interlude leads into the next track titled “Akelarre” and this is perhaps the best example of why this band can not be lumped into the same bag as the hundreds of other traditional doom-acts. This mid-tempo epic with its anthemic quality and brooding blackened elements is a masterpiece of Doom Metal song-writing and arranging. There is so much multifaceted techniques at work here, it is a song you can lost in. The drumming of Pep Caravantes is especially dynamic and the low-end drive of the bass from Andreu Cano sends a shiver up the spine, this is magical, majestic Doom Metal crunch at its best. Up next is a track called “Bastards” which is a multi-sectioned tune that kicks off in a plodding tempo and groove before picking up the pace. Sounding very much like The Obsessed especially with the Wino-like vocals, this is one of the highlights of the album.

Despite being over 12 minutes long “Bastards” never drags and has so much to offer the listener from muscular beefy riffs to the more morose, melodic moments. “Dealing With The Devil” slows things down again for a monolithic doom-fest of a song, perhaps the most “standard” of the 6 songs but it still packs a hell of a wallop. The most curious track though is saved for last, “Doom Brotherhood”where they seem to be reinventing “Snowblind” by “Black Sabbath”. This track which is only available on the CD version of the album makes no effort to hide where their influences come from but it is a golden moment just the same. Without a doubt, if you are looking for a varied doom album, then “Ancestral Cult of Divinity” is one CD you must buy. I highly recommend this disc for fans of Sabbath, Candlemass, Doomrasier, The Gates Of Slumber, Trouble and Saint Vitus but it is also for any doom-fan looking for something a little more imaginative and diverse than the usual trad-doom band. This in years to come could become a “touchstone” Doom-Metal album if they can get it promoted enough. This is in my opinion an essential purchase, out on Alone Records……………..9/10
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Posted November 8, 2010 by doommantia in Warchetype

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  1. Musically…these guys are just that traditional no frills doom. Great musicians just not…really bringing anything new to the table. But not all bands are meant for that. They seem like a band that would be a good opener or support slot to say, Cathedral or TGOS.

    The clean vocals sound EXACTLY like old Spiritus Mortis (finland's oldest doom band!) though….that's where they lose it with me. Although the “death” vocals are a nice touch and don't suck. They are still discernible and good.

    The fact of being from Spain is pretty rad as well.

    Thanks again Ed!

  2. Hmmmm, I have always thought they were pretty diverse, not original just kind of different in the way they blend death and doom. Haven't really thought about the Spiritus Mortis comparison but now that you mention it, you are actually right not that I listen to that band very often.

  3. Spiritus Mortis…another underrated band!

    Their new album with Sami Hynninen kicks ass…but their old stuff is equally heavy.

    Still cool that doom is in just about every country though.

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