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Ok I admit this album by India’s Albatross is not really Doommantia material and yes the album art is truly horrible but it is Horror-Metal and very much in the classic Heavy Metal tradition so I think some readers of this website will be able to relate to the sick and twisted tales the band delivers and some of the jaw-dropping metal musicianship on display here is worth investigating. This Albatross EP is based on a concept about cannibalism and the “Kuru” disease which is an incurable degenerative neurological disorder spread among members of the Fore tribe of Papua New Guinea via cannibalism. So you get the picture and you will understand where the title “Dinner Is You” comes from. Evil lyrics, impressive musicianship and a sound that is directly influenced by “King Diamond”. The style is a blend of old-school thrash, power metal and classic heavy metal so you can see why it is out-of-place on this doom-metal site but it has the lyrical concepts that many doom-metal bands are now engaging in which is basically “Horror-Metal” so I am sure many readers will appreciate the cheese appeal of this EP.  The “King Diamond” influence is made even stronger with the production by Andy La Roque who has worked with “King Billy” as those guys from “Venom used to call him all those years ago.

The first track “The Great Plague Of The 21st Century” is a simple two-minute introduction to the EP designed to make you innards quiver in fear, does it work, not really but it does effectively set the mood the next three tracks. “The Dining Table” is the first “real” song and it tells a story about a man who goes to dinner only to become the main item on the menu. Musically it sounds like “Megadeth meets Death” or at least that is what I hear but what is most impressive is the vocals from Biposhree Das who has a very impressive vocal range. So impressive in fact that the equally impressive riff work is overshadowed by his dynamic vocal abilities. “In The Court Of Kuru” is faster and contains more groove than the earlier track and the lyrical content can be taken a lot more seriously. Bass player “Riju Dasgupta” is the man behind the lyrical concepts and he must be applauded for his work on this track. The premise for this one is this dude goes to court to face charges of cannibalism but the judge finishes up getting eaten, it is cheesy but it is very entertaining just the same. Musically the best song is left for last, the nine minute “Among the Cannibals”. Guitarist “Rajashri Bhattacharyya” shows what he is capable of in this song and the track itself is one roller-coaster ride of technical riffing and ear-catching solos. Maybe it is a little long for what it is but it is still the highlight of the EP for me.

The concept of blending chilling horror stories with heavy metal is getting old these days but Albatross do manage to breathe some much-needed life into this tired-old formula and with musicianship like this, it is a no-brainer really. While some of the intricate guitar work and over-the-top vocals might not be for everyone, anyone with a passion for King Diamond will hear this as a much deserving tribute kind of album. Musically some of it is stock-standard thrash meets power metal but the themes that are cleverly interwoven are pure entertainment and isn’t that what heavy metal is all about ? Check this EP out if you want some kick-ass metal with a sense of fun……………7.5/10
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Posted November 15, 2010 by doommantia in Albatross

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