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Look up the word “dirge” and there should be a picture of this album from Danish band Obskure Torture. Very little is known about the band except it has been around since the middle of this decade with a demo, a EP titled “Worship the Beast” released in 2006 and this the début full length album, “Spilling The Blood Of The World.” As far as I know this a one-man band by someone who goes by the name of “The Mad Butcher” and I know not much else as this album comes to me as a CDR from a Russian friend who claims this band could be one of the next big things to happen in doom. Well, I can’t say I agree with him but this is certainly a very bleak, blackened album of doom-dirges that are very unsettling and depressing. This album released on the Rotting Grave label is a collection of songs from both the demo and the EP all put together on the one CD. That gives me the impression that this is a project band and not a real working band but if anyone can shed some more light on this I would appreciate the information.

This album is made up of 7 songs ranging from 7 to 11 minutes and the sound and style changes from start to finish so that shows some marked progression but basically if you hear one song, you already know the entire album. There is no surprises here, this album is slow, murky doses of misanthropic death doom that combines drones with a Funeral Doom aesthetic. The songs are quite hypnotic and slightly mesmerizing but whether you can take it for the whole 72 minutes really comes down to your pain threshold. The riffs here sound like they are drowning in mud most of the time and rarely sound clear enough to notice anything remotely tangible from a musical stand-point. However if atmospheric bleakness is your thing, then you will be swept away with the foreboding tone of this album. From the opening track “Midnight Funeral” to the end of the third track “Summon The Spirits Of War” you are put through some 27 minutes of tortured doom with no light in the sound to be heard. The drums are commanding and powerfully executed but the vocals consisting of vomited growls get very tedious, very quickly. However the second half of the album, if you make that far, at least offers a marked improvement in the song-writing.

There is moments of clarity and the songs sound more concise and well thought-out compared to the albums earlier pieces of filth. “Worship The Beast” and “Black Fog” are the two most impressive tracks on the album with both of these songs at least offering some structure. The rest of the album though is mostly meandering dirges that are indeed heavy in atmosphere but musically it lacks bite in the guitar department as it suffocates itself under a mountain of putrid slime and bile. I guess this is best compared with “Rigor Sardonicus” but it doesn’t have the memorable riffs that they have but the atmosphere is there, no question about that. So there you have it, Obskure by name and Obscure musically. I could go either way on this band but for now, all I can say is this is pretty average………6/10
Note – I couldn’t find any website or webpage for this band but you can order the album here – Rotting Grave Distribution


Posted November 21, 2010 by doommantia in Obskure Torture

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