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A Finnish band called Mystons, delivering a 2nd album called Alkaem. Their debut is called Black Book (2008). I tried finding it, but no luck so far. I never heard of the band before, so I was pretty interested to review Alkaem. The cover wasn’t exactly a promise, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised reviewing this!

Think Danzig & Sisters Of Mercy vocals and grungy riffs, leaning to proto-stoner. The album as a whole is a lot of fun to listen to, because of its energies and its quality songwriting. I like the warm, fuzzy sound of the guitars, and of course the strong vocals on Alkaem. Kicking it off with Good Enough For Death this is as good a track as any of the others on Alkaem. That is to say: there aren’t really any weak spots on the album, except maybe for track eight: Bullet. Good Enough For Death is as simple as it is effective: strong vocals with ‘first person’ lyrics and a warmly riff, making my speakers hum with pleasure. Burn Your Demons follows the same esthetics and the result is as good if not better than opener Good Enough For Death. Singer M. Myston’s vocals are captivating and to be honest pretty awesome. I like the whole attention the band has paid to writing just good songs, strong lyrics and a very good production sound. What more could you need on your 2nd album? Werewolf Eyes sounds scary and beautiful like any good Danzig track does. Tearstained and Mountains are great too, especially Mountains. Every time I listen to this album I can’t help but moving certain body parts to the rhythm of the tracks.

All Alone is a nice acoustic track, where M. Myston’s vocals get a nice place in the spot light. Shadow Of The Beast has a slow build, and is one of my favorites. Song number eight (Bullet) shows the Johnny Cash reference in the promo sheet, but it’s kind of cheesy. Possibly the only misstep on this album? Luckily, Get Born Again & Skeleton Dance end the album perfectly. Listen to Skeleton Dance’s riff and you’re sold!

Mystons originated in Sep 22, 2007 “in a Finnish ranch owned by a seaman called Oiva. Since then, many ecstatic shows of dark, altering music fuelled by mystics, priest robes, fire bombs & spitting have been seen.” Sounds promising! According to the promo sheet, Mystion’s music can be described as “Mystic Rock – a unique mixture of Rock, Grunge, Metal, Alternative Rock, Blues and Mystics influenced by such bands as Danzig, Black Sabbath, White Stripes, Johnny Cash and Doors.” Now, the White Stripes reference can easily be omitted (I hate White Stripes) because Mystons deliver pretty strong tracks. The other references I do understand J. This is definitely a band that has its shit together, because how many times the musical references or descriptions a band mentions on its promo sheet or myspace don’t make any sense at all?

Burn Your Demons can be enjoyed on youtube here: YouTube

Also, have a look at the visuals on their official Website All I can say is this band is pretty original in its take on the given (or chosen) musical matter.

The album can be downloaded for free on their myspace, but please support them and buy the album at Record Shop X

I hope to catch them live soon in Holland!
Review Written By Sandrijn van den Oever

Official Website
Mystons @ Myspace
Mystons @ Facebook

8,5 / 10, but it’s close to a 9 really.


Posted November 29, 2010 by doommantia in Mystons

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