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Another month and another increase in views for Doommantia but to be honest it all seems meaningless after the passing of Armando Acosta, the tragic news of his death has put a damper on what has been a great month for this website. We had some great interviews, the most famous musician we interviewed strangely got the least amount of views. That was an interview with Thomas Gabriel Fischer aka Tom Warrior. We also featured interviews with Brigantia, Locrain, Michael Ventura, Wheel, Ehnahre, Don juan Matus, Rigor Sardonicous and Atlantean Kodex. On the review front we featured reviews of Alunah’s new album “Call Of Avernus,” Wooden Stake’s “Vampire Plague Exorcism,” the new Acid Witch album “Stoned” along with another 40 CD reviews. We did Roadburn reports, an article on obscure 70’s band titled “Bands That Time Forgot,” and other various reports on Doom Metal happenings so I guess we have been busy enough. The other writers of Doommantia, Aleks, Sandrijn and Mari all did great work and once again I thank them for their continuing dedication and hard work. The bad news is donations have dried-up but thanks to everyone who did donate, you showed your true love for the underground scene and not many people do that. Now, Doom On December !!


Posted December 1, 2010 by doommantia in Doommantia

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