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Beehover are a band that never really got me hooked but I can now finally say they have released something with “Concrete Catalyst” that I mostly really like. The German duo of Ingmar Petersen (bass and vocals) and Claus-Peter Hamisch (drums and vocals) have always been into the experimental side of doom metal and post-rock sounds and that direction continues with this album but it also has some great grooves. The first thing that is striking is the sound, this album sounds massive with thunderous bass and drums plus a huge amount of fuzz injected into the overpowering production. There is also a free-form approach to the playing while remaining incredibly together as a tight unit and there is many unpredictable twists and turns as well as infectious hooks but then there is the vocals. Always a sticking point with me, the vocals are an eccentric mix of crooning and a more traditional rock approach which doesn’t always seem to fit the music for me but that is my problem at the end of the day so I will leave it at that. Beehover are a band that don’t give a rats ass about trends or genres and they show that once again on this erratic recording that can go from a Melvins kind of sound one minute to Kyuss the next but they also throw in sounds that could be influenced from everyone from Tool to Monster Magnet and that is just the beginning.

The album begins with an unhinged version of bluesy stoner-rock with “Oceanriver” and that might put you in a comfort zone but it doesn’t last long as this album heads into complex twists and turns from the prog-metal sounding “Counted Is Bygone” to the nu-metalish “A Poem.” Don’t fear however as these twists are so frequent that you never get used to one style of playing for very long, take a song like “Wild Geese Yell” for example. On this song they bring in acoustics for a  dose of sheer melancholy adding yet another element to the already diverse approach. Elsewhere on the album, Beehover used jazzy prog elements that you would find on a King Crimson record  but there is also an equal share of crushing riffs, pounding drums and intense energy. I must also mention another standout tune in “The Dragonfighter” which is a marvel at minimalistic, atmospheric depressing songwriting. The other standout cut is “Five Minutes Of Resistance” and “Rocking Chair” is also very interesting. This brings me to the biggest stumbling block for me and that is the vocals, they are just too unharmonious for me and it takes away some of my listening pleasure of this recording, speaking of which… is my next point.

This album was recorded and mixed in just 30 hours and it sounds incredible so what the hell are these bands doing spending weeks in the studio fiddling around with pro-tools and other assorted studio enhancements. What ever they are doing they are not doing it right because this blows most big studio productions away. This is further proof that pro-tools and modern studio trickery is not needed most of the time to produce a killer sound or is it, these bands are just not good enough. Whatever is the case, this album highlights what a good band can do in a short space of time if you have the talent and“Concrete Catalyst” needs to be heard and appreciated for its production quality. As I mentioned in my opening remarks, Beehover don’t give a flying f**k if you like them or not and that attitude shows in their music that refuses to be pigeon holed. The best album they have ever done in my opinion……..8/10
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  1. Interesting, vocals are the one thing that got me
    into this band in the first place… the harmonies are so imaginative and aggressive that
    im truly humbled.

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