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Double Space Myspace Bio – DOUBLE SPACE distills the essence of sludge, stoner doom and noise rock into their own crystal clear vision: Unmatched heavy epic groove rock. An utterly relentless onslaught of crushing power riffs and killer leads. Never looking back!

DOUBLE SPACE – based in Aarhus, Denmark – formed late 2003 around the recording of a handful of songs the two guitarists Mikko Mansikkala Jensen and Rasmus Rosenkilde Jensen had written together. Drummer Per Silkjær was initially brought in as a session drummer. Yet the DOUBLE SPACE universe instantly engulfed him. The heaviness, the curious guitar melodies and the persistent search for the ultimate in every aspect of making music.

And even before these recordings were to be released and receive high appraisal from Danish underground press, the first show was played supporting Electric Turn To Me and Lost Sounds. Over the years stages are shared with a ton of bands, including Unsane, Fuck The Facts and Ufomammut, and a reputation as a mind blowing live act is established. Dreaded by headliners – loved by stoked audiences.

On paper the combination of two guitarists and a drummer may strike one as a bit odd, in terms of playing seriously low end based music. But as any member of a DOUBLE SPACE concert audience will testify: ”It does not get much more massive than this!”. And here you also find the reason why DOUBLE SPACE fans have dubbed the band’s backline Twin Towers. The sound of a colossal brick wall collapsing on top of you!

Seemingly DOUBLE SPACE have everything going for them, yet they are followed by a dark shadow. Suicidal girlfriends and chaotic love lives, record deals with labels that fold, producers who drop off the face of the earth carrying entire DOUBLE SPACE recording sessions and the list goes on. Everything from the smallest margin to the greater powers work against them on a bit too regular basis. The emotional havoc spills into the lyrical content, and the band discovers they can use this, as their own collective therapy session to overcome.

Another break is caught when Danish Metal Award nominees Rising step up and ask DOUBLE SPACE to support them on their 2010 European tour. A two track maxi 12”, mixed by Q (Danish indie rock darlings Figurines, Tiger Tunes, Beta Satan a.o.) – an avid DOUBLE SPACE fan – is released by the band for the occasion.

Immediately upon the return from the tour, late March 2010, four new songs are tracked live with Jacob Bredahl (ex-Hatesphere, Last Mile, The Kandidate) by the helm at his Dead Rat Studio. ”There has never been so much low end in this studio!” Bredahl confesses at first. And then he proceeds to torture the band to deliver their all-time best.

Things are indeed looking up for Double Space, and the nearest future has been dedicated to obtaining worldwide distribution for the debut 12”, hunting for a vinyl label to release the next one, and not least, torturing Bredahl until he delivers the mix of a life time….

I reproduced their Myspace bio here because it is a great read and very accurate, Double Space have indeed got everything going for them. This 12″ single is one of the big surprises of 2010 and with something of this magnitude, they can’t lose despite their suicidal girlfriends, chaotic love lives and bad luck with record deals. There is only two tracks here but both manage to assault you with some serious doom-laden force, the genre they play is not really doom-metal but it is doomed in sound. This is some heavy-ass shit indeed with crushing axe-work, pulverizing drumming and angry, intense vocals. “The Rock” kicks off at a frantic pace, stampeding your head into mush with a sonic level of intensity and mighty tasty musicianship. The song gallops along but still makes way for melodic touches within the anger and abusive hammering of the guitars and drums. It is mid-tempo sludge metal made to be played loud but more importantly, the band know how to keep up a solid groove. The two-guitar combo is so drenched in low-ended acidic fuzz that they need nothing else to fill out the sound and even the drums have a thickness about them so this is one huge sound that got happening. Someone told me they sound like “Mastodon,” well I don’t really hear that at all but they have the Mastodon sense of blending insane riffing with killer melody hooks while keeping a vicious groove in place.

The other track here is called “Bent” and is different but just as brutal. Starting slowly with a sonic dirge and buzzy goodness, it builds up an apocalyptic atmosphere especially with the drums that sound like cannon-fire. The song goes through various tempo changes and switches mood from the sludgy, swampy groove to a psychedelic vibe and back again. With more killer grooves and a passionate performance all around, the band are smoking throughout its 6 and a bit minutes. The monstrous sound is remarkable for a 3-piece and there is no passengers on this hellride, the guitar duo is excellent while the snarling, gritty vocals really drive home a mean, unforgiving sound. However just two songs is never enough and it is all over all too quick. Reports say that Double Space are also one hell of a killer live act and if they can deliver this level of brutality in a live setting, their shows must be an exhilarating experience to see and hear. I cant wait to hear a lot more from this band. This is a must for the sludge-metal connoisseur and you can have it for free, hit the download link below…..9/10
Double Space @ Myspace

Download It Here


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  1. Thanks, amazing tunes indeed! I can't wait for a full-length album, it will be no less than killer!

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