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The Extinct Dreams and I kid you not, “Ïîòóñòîðîííåå ñèÿíèå” is the album title and in-fact the entire album is made up of texts in Cyrillic so it is beyond me what any of these songs are about. Are they trying to be original or pompous, I leave it up to you to judge but making an album with 100%  undecipherable texts doesn’t do much for getting the band heard by anyone else apart from their home audience. Nevertheless the band have come a long way in the last couple of years. I remember hearing their previous album, “Ars Moriendi” and my reaction was one of complete and utter amazement that would even dare to release something so not ready to be heard. Listening to this though is a different story as they sound like a brand new band with new ideas and a new approach to songwriting that forgets the mistakes of the past and starts a new beginning. The band is from Russia and the music is very Russian indeed and if you are aware of the current crop of Russian death and funeral doom, the songs on here will come as no surprise at all. What you get is a melodic take on these doom styles but with an added touch of sophistication.

The album has 2 extremely long songs and two short ones taking up the overall 40 minutes of the disc, the shorter pieces are brief interludes that are soon forgotten about as they seem insignificant next to the two epics that run for 15 and 17 minutes. These two tracks are where the real meat is but they drag way beyond their usefulness with so much padding that you wonder if they really thought these songs through enough before going ahead and recording them. It is a huge step up from the previous album however, the arrangements work in stages on the album and at times it is overwhelming in its atmosphere. The guitar work is very lyrical and the ambitious song-building has to be admired even though it never really gets to any majestic heights. At their darkest and doomiest, they sound a little like “Mournful Congregation” while at other times, it is far more gothic-doom in its approach and vibe. There is highs and lows within these two epic tracks blending ambient passages with heavier, more dramatic sections that verge on the monolithic. Other instruments are used like cello’s or at least that is what is sounds like to me and these kind of orchestrated passages heighten the haunted feelings this album puts across.

Sadly though the album is too meandering for me to keep focused on or maybe it is too much like other bands to make it sound truly unique. Whatever the cause for my restlessness while listening to this, it really doesn’t matter because many people will like what they offer on this album. My personal favorite track is the 17 minute forth track even though it is the most typical of the four tracks. This song despite its over-long running time keeps its atmosphere from becoming stale while the other long song would have been better chopped in half in my opinion. Maybe I am a little jaded by this style right now as there is so many bands treading this path of doom. For what it is, it is decent and a major improvement from their debut album so their next album could really be the one to make a long-lasting impact……….5/10
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Posted December 13, 2010 by doommantia in The Extinct Dreams

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