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Greek band Sorrows Path have been together for over 17 years but as far as I am aware this is their first full length album keeping in mind that the 2006 album Resurrection was just two previously released demos put together on the one CD. Known as a doom-band, they don’t really strike me as being a doom band at all, power metal is a more accurate tag to put on them although they do have some doom elements that weave throughout their songs. They also have a very progressive, technical side which doesn’t fit within the doom metal genre too well but musical tags aside, the band is very good so it is great to finally see this album released. From what I know, the band have a succession of bad luck over the years which has caused the band to be put on hold many times so maybe that is why this album is so strong. Sometimes your battles and demons can shape a record and actually make it stronger and it has seemed to have worked here on “The Rough Path of Nihilism.”

Power, prog metal, traditional heavy metal and elements of a Candlemass kind of trad-doom are all combined into the sound of Sorrows Path but it is the dramatic nature of their songs that is their strong point and all that begins on the album opener, “All Love is Lost.” Starting quietly with an acoustic intro, the tune soon gets expanded into a mid-tempo, adventurous tune especially in the lead playing of Kostas Salomidis. It seems a little simple at first but dig a little deeper and you will find a fairly complex piece of music. The voice of Angelos Ioannidis is filled with emotion and feeling while the rest of the band are extremely tight and precise. Don’t expect any vintage sounds here either, the production is very modern so it can seem a bit sterile in places but the sound is huge and powerful just the same. “The Beast” is a nice following track that has a very infectious chorus that will be stuck in your head after the album is done. “Honestly…” strikes me a being one of the weaker tracks but still good as it is played with such a huge amount of passion and again the musicianship is incredible. “Fetish” verges on the psychedelic but also has some very haunting moments. The guitar work is again, simply mesmerizing but the song itself could be better.

“Dirty Game” is a major highlight and one of the more doom-laden tracks on the album. Sounding a little in the vein of Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus, this track has a great vocal performance and an aggressive edge that is very memorable even after just one spin of the disc. This track must go down well live as it seems made for it. “Mr. Holy” seems like pure filler to me as it is much more simple that most of the rest of the tunes and seems fairly generic compared to their usual style. “Getting Closer” is very atmospheric via the use of keys and female vocals. The haunting atmosphere is one of the great moments on the album but every-time I listen to it, I wish it was longer. “Queen of Doom” raises the standard once again with what is my favorite track on the album. It is the band in trad-doom mode again and this could quite easily fit onto a Candlemass or Solitude Aeturnus album. The powerful emotional element along with some killer hooks via the riffs really make this an excellent composition and the leads are again, mind-blowing. “Prostitute” is very much in a technical “Black Sabbath” vein and listen to the riffing on this tune for some jaw-dropping guitar work. “Hymn of Differentiation” is more filler to me, more simple and sounds a little out-of-place to me. “Empty Eyes and Blackened Hearts” is another major highlight so you wont want to hit stop till you hear this one. The great lyrics, melodies and infectious chorus makes this essential listening and there is a video for this on YouTube so go check it out. The album ends on the track, “Nihilism” that sums up their signature sound in one track, a powerful technical prog-power-doom hybrid.

This is mostly a great album but with a few filler moments but the highlights really over-shadows any weakness that the recording has. The prog-rock time signatures might throw the more traditional doom-metal listener but if you are a fan of Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, While Heaven Wept and the dark sounds of Paul Chain and even Black Hole, you should find much to admire on this album. They have seemed to have found a fine balance between all the styles I have mentioned and musically, this band is a precise band of musicians. It is a must-listen for heavy-metal fans looking for something a bit more complex and technical while still retaining a strong doom vibe………………8/10
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