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We’re closing in on 2010, and most of us have their top tens ready, but I still discover bands I totally missed out on during the year. Thanks to all the top something lists of course J. No matter all the blogs and sites I have visited, a few bands always seem to fly under the radar. Today I was listening to Seamount, and I thought, what band featuring Phil Swanson am I not aware of? And voila, I found Nightbitch. Hailing from Hamden, Connecticut this band is as yet unsigned and has an EP out called Sex And Magic. The main attraction of Nightbitch is of course Phil Swanson. The energy Swanson is projecting through various projects (Hour of 13, Vestal Claret, Upwards of Endtime, Briton Rites, Earthlord, Blastmat, Loathe, KYD, Damnation, Lepus, Atlantean Kodex, Nightbitch, Seamount) is simply stunning. The EP, released on a blood red cassette tape by NoVisible Scars (Cassette Label) consists of five tracks: Inferno; Ritual Of Self; Nightbitch; Bloodmoon; Sex And Magic. Inferno features your typical Swanson voice, and the sound is less doomy than his other releases. This sounds a lot like regular heavy metal, and it is great in its own right (that is to say: without the Swanson tag). Ritual Of Self is also great, I dig the riffs very much. Ritual Of Self is typically a song I can imagine Wino would write and sing. I’d almost forgot to mention the other musicians on this great EP: they are none other than the Hour of 13 live session members Ryan Adams (guitar), Chris Taylor (drums) and Mark Eles (bass).

Nightbitch is a righteous rocker in the vein of Black Sabbath, and the enchanting voice of Phil Swanson is fairly at the back of the mix, so he blends nicely in with his rhythm section. I guess this is the song that’ll make you go buy this cassette tape. It’s a damn shame I sold my cassette deck years ago. All that is left is a my first sony walkman.. Blood Moon has a strong, simple riff around which Swanson spins his lyrics. Here is a nice clip of Nightbitch playing Blood Moon live in Dublin: YouTube – Watch Here…  Need I say more? This track marches like the beast, and I must say I like the live version on youtube better than the version on the EP. 

Sex And Magic closes the EP, and Swanson’s voice seems a little bit higher here, closer to early Ozzy really. Nice hard rocker, in the vein of Pentagram. Speaking of which, the overall sound on this EP is rather ‘vintage’, as if the music was recorded back in the days. Sex And Magic, Nightbitch.. Makes you wonder about the band’s name, right? In an interview on guitarist Ryan Adams explains. “We wanted to come up with the sleaziest name we could. One that would fit the music and concept of the band. One of us just blurted out the name at practice and we all said, ‘That’s it’.” Well, so much for a story.. Since the 16th of November there is a vinyl version as well, out on Cyclopean Records. 

8 / 10
Review Written By Sandrijn van den Oever

Nightbitch @ Myspace 
No Visable Scars 
Cyclopean Records  


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