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This isn’t a review because this great 2CD compilation doesn’t need one, the music speaks for itself. If you are new to the Doom Metal genre or just like listening to compilations, it is hard to go past this one. The compilation features exclusive material from Burn Heavy, Cold Mourning, Deer Creek and Smaug (USA), Mose (Belgium), Pylon (Switzerland) and it is extra pleasing to see one of the most underrated bands on the planet, Mr. Peter Hayden (Finland) get a track on here with a tune called Majestic. Released on Game Two Records, this is a beautifully packaged 2CD set with exclusive cover artwork by Paul Vismara. A good friend let me borrow this and it hasn’t left the player over the last few days……Awesome.

Track Listing
Disc One
Artist / Title / Time
Deer Creek ~ Panic 7:29
Mose ~ The Levee Will Break 4:30
Pylon ~ Ride The Pale Horse 6:08
Mr. Peter Hayden ~ Majestic 5 8:03
Smaug ~ When Charon Comes 5:19
Burn Heavy ~ Motivator 12:10

Disc Two
Artist / Title / Time
Cold Mourning ~ Driven To Reason 7:08
Mr. Peter Hayden ~ Hitari 11:36
Mose ~ How To Kill A Pig 6:11
Burn Heavy ~ Situations 7:41
Smaug ~ Nothing Is Forever 6:14
Pylon ~ Cannibal Coronal Mass Ejection (Vocal Version) 3:14
Deer Creek ~ It Had Neither Fins Nor Wings 13:32

Mailorder – $10 US / $13 World

Other Game Two releases still available:
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V/A: Tungt Svenskt 2 x 7” (Generous Maria, Mushroom River Band, Rise & Shine, Space Probe Taurus)
Space Probe Taurus: Insect City 7”
John Merrick: Simpaticopacetic 7”

Over and out,

Game Two Records
7886 East Kettle Avenue
Centennial, CO 80111
United States of America
Deer Creek @ Myspace


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