Occult Dooooom Glancing From The Crypt …   4 comments

Here is an official video from one of my top fave obscure occult horror doom bands, Abysmal Grief.
I still have my guts trembling from their distorted guitars during their impressive Halloween concert almost two months ago, one of the rare concerts this gloomy band played in general.
This is their official video for the track Crypt Of Horror, from their latest album Misfortune (2009).
Well, sort of…..

*Lovingly stolen from the Sludge Swamp
Originally posted by the wonderful Mari

Abysmal Grief Official Web Site


Posted December 29, 2010 by doommantia in Abysmal Grief

4 responses to “Occult Dooooom Glancing From The Crypt …

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  1. hmmm not bad! I like the warm fuzzy guitars. I think I'll have to listen to them more.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. They are kind of Saint Vitus clones but I dig them, the spooky occult vibe they have on the Misfortune album is hypnotic.

  3. Hahaha, thanks for the “wonderful” … I'll keep it as safety pill for the bleakest moments of depression! 😀

    Yeah, Abysmal Grief are nasty and hypnotic. They are related to that other retro-sounding horror doom-prog band Malombra, very charming as well.

  4. awsome!

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