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Another 7″ review, this time from the Copenhagen trio known as “Rising” who already impressed with a EP they released in 2009. This band could be described as “Sludge-Metal” but they play rather fast for a sludge kind-of-band on these two tracks which is a little different from the material displayed on their EP which had slower and much longer tunes. Think Kylesa meets early Mastodon and you will get pretty close to the sound of Rising, songs are aggressive and attack with some intense fury over the course of two rather short tracks. Interesting enough is the band was nominated at the  Danish Metal Awards 2009  for “Best Metal Talent” and I say interesting as a band like Rising wouldn’t get a look in at a similar awards show here in the USA. That speaks volumes of the differences between the two countries in terms of what they think makes a “good-metal-band.” What makes this a cut above the norm, is how fresh this sounds. They have developed their own sound combining everything from 70’s hard rock to sludge to prog-metal and they play it with a fairly brutal dose of aggression, the end result is something that sounds new and not recycled at all.

“Legacy of Wolves” is the heaviest of the two songs here and it is intense, up-tempo and in-your-face. At a stretch you could call it doom in overdrive as it is too fast to fit to a trad-doom tag but the sound is there, pummeling and viciously heavy. The vocals bark and howl like a rabid dog and guitars are cranked up to a level of killer intensity. Without a doubt, “Legacy Of Wolves” is the standout track of the two. The other tune, “Daughter Of The Sun” is less impressive and memorable but it is apparently the first song the band ever wrote so the contrast between this older song and the new one is striking. This is a short 7″, only 7 minutes in total but still a worthwhile listen that shows great promise for the future. I will now look forward to a full length album and if the material is strong as the “Legacy Of Wolves” track it should be a killer release…………..7/10
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Posted January 2, 2011 by doommantia in Rising

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