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DEADLY ILLNESS ZINE – ISSUE #4 (3 Euro) – Latest fourth Issue of Csaba Poller`s totally UG and xeroxed A/5 fanzine. English-written, 32 thickly-printed pages with small-sized fonts. Featured artists include: ANGUISH, EXTERMINATION ANGEL, GERM ATTAK, GRAVE RITUAL, Martin Missy of PROTECTOR about the URM THE MAD album exclusively, ME4TEZ, PSYCOPATH WITCH, SARDONIS + ELECTRIC EARTH Records, SKELETON PLAGUE RECORDS, SLAUGHTER STRIKE + around 80 reviews from doom through punk and hardcore to death metal and lotsa others,whatever you want.

LES TEMPLIERS – VOL. 2 FANZINE (6 Euro) – Be careful, as this is a French written quality Zine from Montreal focusing on doom metal exclusively. First few orders will receive a free sampler featuring tracks by Griftegard, Iron Man, Seamlunt, Orchid, Procession, The Black, Candlemass, Children of doom, Scald, The Gates of Slumber, Dark Covenant and Zess.


CLONE – PLAY SLOW. DIE FAST VOL. III VINYL LP (13 Euro) – Sludge doom compilation featuring unreleased songs, sludge bands are covering songs by other artists. * Fistula – something in the way (Nirvana) * Bad Luck Rides on Wheels – war machine (Kiss) * Whitehorse – crawl (Neanderthal) * Su19B – pace ’till death (Bathory) * Crowskin – i got sabbath (Turbonegro/Black Sabbath) * Sollubi – forward to death (Dead Kennedys)  * Habsyll – tep kaos (Tekken) * Solar Horn – talk box (L7)

EARTHRIDE / DOOMRAISER SPLIT 7′ (8 Euro) – 2-track split 7inch, unreleased material by both bands. Released by Black Widow Records in collaboration with BloodRock Records. Strictly limited to 500 copies. Scott ‘Wino’ Weinrich guests on Supernatual Illusion.

SANCTA SANCTORUM – THE SHINING DARKNESS VINYL LP (20 Euro) – Vinyl LP version, deluxe gatefold sleeve. Dark hard rock sounds by former members of Death SS, the highly respected Italian underground band. The powerful music of Sancta Sanctorum is heavily inspired by early progressive elements and the best 1970s hard rock has to offer.


ANTONIUS REX – ZORA CD (13 Euro) – 32nd Anniversary Edition of the legendary occult prog album by Antonius Rex, with an unreleased song (Monastery) and original ‘nude witch’ cover.

DOOM ALL OVER THE WORLD – 2CD COMPILATION (12 Euro) – “Doom All Over The World” features a diverse selection of inspired bands with both inventive and traditional takes on the Doom aesthetic. The compilation features exclusive material from Burn Heavy, Cold Mourning, Deer Creek and Smaug (USA), Mose (Belgium), Mr. Peter Hayden (Finland) and Pylon (Switzerland). This one is a heavy listen indeed!

HORSE LATITUDES – GATHERING CD (13 Euro) – This is expansive, mind-bending Doom Metal that most of you will dig, turn this up loud but make sure your house has solid foundations as this is an unmerciful release of the highest magnitude.

MARASME – MIRROIR DIGIPACK CD (10 Euro) – Broad influences ranging from Sludge / Post HC to the first progressive rock through the Post Rock and Black Metal more experimental, Kraut, Shoegaze or Drone.

Dig the doom!

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