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Another release from Gentle Exhuming Records and it is the sadly split-up World Funeral and this was their second album or promo depending on your sources of information. Normally I wouldn’t bother with an album from a band that is split especially when the album was released in 2007 but this is pretty damn good. Especially good if you are a fan of Cathedral’s more prog-psych crossover material and if you like bands that are a oddity in metal, then this is another reason to check out this band from Italy. Another great selling point is along with 70’s psych-rock tendencies, the band has another side to them and that is heavy, sludge-doom passages they engaged in that are in the vein of bands like Winter. Extra slow passages blend with mid-tempo chugging grooves on the disc which gives this album a fine balance. Just like Cathedral, World Funeral blend in some bluesy Sabbathian riffing with infectious grooves and it is these moments that are the highlight of the disc. Also like label mates Hell Muneco, this album suffers from some pretty average production which takes away some of the heaviness but also like Hell Muneco, there is some real gems waiting to be discovered. It is a real pity they split up. Another thing they share in common with Hell Muneco is Frank Wells who also played bass in this band, along with him is Nay on guitar and vocals who also plays in a band called Mortal Fungus. Frank Wells is a musician who along with these two bands has played in bands such as Arkenemy, Demonia and another band I will be reviewing soon called Transiency.

Song titles like “Black Shit Vortex, The Genitalia & Stomach Thinkers” and “Fart of the Moribund” shows they don’t take themselves too seriously, at least in the lyrical department and like most Italian doom acts, there is an oddity about their compositions, there is even the sound of someone vomiting at the end of one track.  They have a unique approach to the vocals which only Italian bands seem to get away with and succeed and a sick occult-rock vibe that gives this album a quirky edge all of its own. There is also creepiness to the songs on “Caledarium et Frigidarium” that makes this irresistible despite of the short-comings of the production. The opening track, “Puppet Terror” is the best track on the album which is kind of sucks as the album never quite reaches the same level of greatness from track two on but I could do a paragraph on this tune alone, this is killer material of epic proportions. Along with great riffing, strange but mesmerizing leads and a chilling vocal hook, this track oozes an atmosphere of sheer horror. At other times, the band is not so convincing. Lyrics like “Unable to think and perform anything, I’m a starfucker in plain words, An easy life getting my ass slammed, Genital obsession drives me mad” and “Once I sucked my uncle to get a toy” (Genital Obsession) sounds kind of retarded and it is certainly not the stuff of rocket science. If they are trying to be psychosexual and meaningful in some way, it doesn’t work as it comes off sounding like an attempt at childish humor.

So ignore their lyrical crimes on the album and you should enjoy the music as it is raw and played with some passion. The production is pure creaky old analog, so much so I swore I saw dust being pushed out of the speakers while listening to this the first time. Like those classic occult rock bands of the early 70’s, there is a nice touch of lightness interwoven between the mostly infectious riffing that give the album a laid-back kind of heaviness. Yes, it is nothing new but and I hate to repeat myself but there is a quirky thing these Italian bands have that the rest of the world’s bands have-not but it is different for every listener so it is a case of – judge for yourself but personally, I think this is great. Just ignore the lyrics if you can,  get used to the dodgy production and the rest is a no-brainer. World Funeral could have been really popular if they hadn’t decided to call it quits, if you are reading this, get back together please…………8/10
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  1. Hi everybody, Frank Wells here. Thanx for the kind words about this release, I really hope other stuff from W.F. will appear in the future, the works on “Caledarium and frigidarium” were troubled and took a great amount of time, but we were extremely happy about the final result. We splitted up while working on our third chapter, the stuff already written by me was used for my following doom project, Hell Muñeco.
    Just a note for the lyrics: “Genital obsession” talks about a girl building up a career fucking “V.I.Ps”. We used really explicit lyrics because we think this is such a disturbing subject…no psychosexuality, at all! 😉

  2. Hey Frank,
    Thanks for your comment and good to hear from you. I use the word “psychosexuality” because I couldn't think of a another word to describe the feeling I was getting from the lyrics at the time of writing. It wasn't the best word to use, I agree. I really like the album and I hope you can do another one soon. By the way your label sent me three promo's and none of them worked on anything. I managed to convert the files and got them to work on my computer so I thought that was pretty unprofessional for a label to send CD's like that. But back to the album, it is very good so I look forward to hearing much more from World Funeral in the future….Ed

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