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Please welcome another new member to the Doommantia writing team. Mahesh is from India and has done some great work for Forbidden Magazine.Com but has now also joined the Doommantia team to explore his love of Doom Metal. This is his first review on the split album between Ives and Amort.

Boue records have recently released a split CD of Ives and Amort. Ives have Reissued their tape demo “Burial of the Modernized Soulless” and Amort have a 14 min one track in “Bed With Decay”. The split CD is around 27 minutes long with both the bands having equal share of their moments. Ives open the act with an intro which is a speaking intro and the second track of the album “A tangle of Hair and Bone” hits you straight on your face. It is a very aggressive track with fast guitar work and drumming. The track goes ballistic with very strong black vocals. A lot of variation is strewn in between, but unfortunately the track ends just when the momentum picks up, which is pretty disappointing. Even though it is a 6 track album, most of the tracks look the same and all are of a shorter duration. The song structuring seems almost same in all the tracks and therefore you cannot expect much of variation.

This is a first wave black metal with a hardcore punk mix. Ives hits every note perfectly with its lo-fi guitar, creating atmosphere. The drumming is pretty good. The guitar tone is similar to Norwegian Black metal bands as also the drumming style. The vocals are demonic and it is maintained throughout the album consistently. Ives accomplishes everything in this album within such a short time, what many black metal bands try to do with a ten minute track. The highlight track of the album has to be “Sweet Fields of Ecstasy.” It has the combination of looming riffs, thundering drumming and lightning pace in vocal delivery. Overall it is a blackened experience which is unrelenting, cruel and completely mind-blowing. The only thing they could have avoided is the intro and the outro, which does not add any value to this split album. It is a sheer filler!

To counteract the blackened carpet bombing of the first side, Amort chooses to make itself known by a one track, fourteen minute funeral doom opus. The song “Bed of Decay” has first five minutes of the song show a decision to create atmosphere with jarring strings and echoed chanting. The vocals make an appearance as a distant cry for a few seconds, around the 10th minute. Overall there is nothing much to write about this track as I don’t recollect any great moments. I would rather give it a skip. This split album is good for Ives and for somebody who has missed the black metal band called Triumphor. Then Ives can give you that experience. I would rather lay my hands on this split for Ives and eagerly waiting for their next release.
Review Written By Mahesh
Ives @ Myspace
Amort @ Myspace
Boue Records


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5 responses to “Ives / Amort – Split CD

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  1. Welcome into the team, Mahesh, and thank you for the review!

  2. Sorry, I can't avoid to make a brief (well, my sort of brief …) reply to the first comment by visitor Amort (I guess he is from the band involved in the split) as I was a bit shocked by it.
    I didn't understand if it was a real joke. But even if it was, I was not able to laugh that much …

    As noted in other occasions, those/we who write a review express their/our own opinion.
    They/we are not gods and they/we are not writing any chapter of the bible or any other sacred book.
    Reviews may be or may sound positive or negative as the mind, the style, the taste and the moods of the writers are different and/or may change, fortunately or unfortunately. Style-wise, someone may be softer and someone else may be harsher, and sometime it may be the style that strikes the reader and the judged more or less badly than the actual words.

    This being the obvious premise, I want to tell this to Amort and to people/musicians like him:

    If you feel that the reviewer didn't treat you with RESPECT, ask for this RESPECT firmly but with some class.
    I guarantee, it is going to increase the testosterone level quite a bit.
    You don't get harder'n'heavier if you wish someone to be blown off by an atomic bomb especially when it is a not so unreal danger.

    In these days I am writing the review for the split to be posted on another website. I won't reveal right now if I liked it or not.
    But what are you going to wish to me if you don't like some sentences that I'll write? To be raped, killed slowly and dissolved into acid by a mafia kommando? You know, just to give you a hint of the things that happen sometimes in my country …

    Amort, I can understand your disappointment, but you can do like other musicians did who didn't agree with the reviewers, and you can get the respect you absolutely deserve in a smarter way …

    (to be applied to other situations as well …)

  3. Amort, I find it great that you apologized promptly.
    You obviously didn't appreciate the review. I mean, how could you? Well, I wouldn't if I were you.
    But you came back with a “sorry” instead of adding insults to insults, as sometimes unfortunately happened. I guess it's a sign you are a man and a metaller with some dignity, and, well, it's cool.

  4. Hey guys, please no fight I love both of you! Just I would like to say a big Thanks to Mahesh for the review !!! But yes this the game a review can be good or bad, but I think is better to have a review that nothing. Also the shit with the split is often the reviewer prefer one band than the other one. Is like this, this is the game. But don't worry I count the points… hahaha !

  5. Mahesh, I was made curious by the band Triumphor you mention.
    However I didn't find anything about it.
    Or did you by chance mean the Swedish band Triumphator back from the 90's?
    That was fast and furious …

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