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Sometimes when you hear an album for the first time, you know it’s good and you also know it’s going to be good for the next couple of months. The sound that this three-piece out of Portland is delivering on Lower Forms is pretty raw to begin with. Underneath the punk like delivery is an undertow of unadulterated sludge. I can hear certain hardcore affiliations in their sound, but overall their sound is heavy and quite aggressive. But not in an obvious way. As is often the case with Relapse releases, this fine album is well thought out and if anything, Rabbits comes across as fresh. Getting interested? Go check out their song Burn, sun, burn on their Facebook. Not on their MySpace, as would have been my first instinct to look for one, as their MySpace doesn’t offer any tracks. I guess Facebook really is the new MySpace. Burn, sun, burn is the opening track on lower forms. The surprise in the tracks lies – for me personally – in the youth crew way of singing & shouting as is present on most tracks.

That’s not something you come across very often within doom, sludge, etcetera. The riffs are very alive, vibrant with agro or angry energy. It’s not evil in your typical doomy way, but more in a visceral way. Qua bands I think of Bloodlet & Ringworm and more of those atmospherically dark hardcore bands. Great stuff, if Rabbits would be playing in my town I would go buy my tickets instantly. So, we can zoom in on some particular songs. Or I can try to keep it exemplary, highlighting a couple of tracks. I think I will go for that last one, because the feeling those tracks together arouse in the listener are more important than an in-depth look at single tracks.

Invisibugs is slow and devastating, with the vocals spitting out some probably nasty stuff. The voice is quite simple actually, and that is exactly its strength. The group singing adds much to the enchanting atmosphere. The overall sound on this record is fuzzy and raw, but highly produced too, if you know what I mean. I think it’s a perfect way of capturing a band on record in the same way the band would sound playing live. The Flow Below is a nervous track, and Rot, the closer, has a very nice riff, and with its 6:31 minutes is the longest track on Lower Forms. The screaming is even more prominent here, and the duration of the track shows us that Rabbits doesn’t have a problem holding our attention with the longer tracks. All in all: recommended!
I dig the artwork too: check out the fluffy white rabbits among the ruins. There’s no live material on YouTube. You do get a lot of rabbit videos though.

Coming the 15th of February on Relapse Records.
Review Written By Sandrijn van den Oever

9 / 10

Rabbits @ Myspace
Rabbits @ Facebook
Official Website 


Posted January 12, 2011 by doommantia in Rabbits

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