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Well, it is official. Finland is now one of the leaders of the doom-metal community because he comes another band, another release and another review. This time it is Oxist, a four piece that features Jani Koskela on guitar & vocals who has played in many bands and I am sure the doom-purists out there will know who he is. This is a 4 track, 23 minute EP released through Ostra Records. I have sat on this review for sometime now as I find these 4 tracks to be a little frustrating to listen to. The band could be considered a death-metalized version of doom with passages that are in the vein of Winter and similar type acts but it never quite reaches a plateau in either doom or death-metal. Songs seem to be constantly on the brink of something spectacular but it never happens. The band is very heavy and crawl along at a lethargic pace which I love but it seems to be missing that magical key element to send the music over the edge into being anything special but it is also not that bad either as while it is lacking something, it certainly makes up for it in pulverizing atmosphere.

“Gazing Into The Void” opens the CD with a deathly thud followed by sickening, crawling tempo. Vocals from Jani Koskela are menacing but never change or have any variance but then again, neither does the music really. The guitars have a slow, grinding crunch to them and they do sound great but like I previously mentioned, they don’t seem to go anywhere. This is a tough call to make as there is many bands that follow a similar path but Oxist lack a spark whether it is in the lumbering rhythms or the lead-solos that are played in a slow-motion, hazy blur. It always seems like it is building to a climax but the climax never arrives. Following that comes “Kingdom Of Slumber” which follows similar ground like the previous song, the slowly churning vibe of the track is kind of hypnotic. By now if you have been listening to this, the verse’s seem to be almost the same every time so it is hard to tell one song from the next if you are not paying attention. “One Over Infinity” is the most atmospheric track out of the four and the one that has the most diversity. This track is truly mesmerizing with a hook that sucks you in and keeps you focused till the end. There is a great deal of repetition to their songs but when it works, it works very well and that is the case with “One Over Infinity.”

Last track, “Unveil The Shadow World” is also very atmospheric and cinematic in a prog-rockish kind of way, it is still very much death-doom but there is a little more depth to this song compared with most of what is on the “Unveiling The Shadow World” EP. There is a tiny bit more variety in the vocal approach with whispered sections rather than the constant deathly grumble. It is the longest track at just over 7 minutes but there is enough going on to keep it interesting. All in all, this isn’t too bad and I would be a hypocrite if I said it bores me, after all it is very similar to other bands that I have praised over the last couple of years. The problems are in the lack of that vital fifth element to make this anything to get excited about. The album art with the hazy smoke is very appropriate for the music contained within, this is indeed very a very stoner-ish version of death-doom and is the perfect music for a zombie film, you can imagine this in the background while zombies stagger around looking for their next feed of human brains. Production is good, nice and thick and has a very engaging atmosphere but the songs won’t set the doom-metal world on fire anytime soon………6/10
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  1. Thanks, Ed. I agree with you although I maybe liked them a bit more than you did, eh eh. Anyway, they have potential but for the moment something is missed along the way.
    Maybe it's just a starting phase. I'm curious about the coming full-length album.

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