Doom Metal Front Zine # 5 …   1 comment

Interviews: Dawn Of Winter, Droehnhaus records, Frailty, Mirror Of Deception, Ophis, Petrified, Pombagira, Place Of Skulls, Procession, Scott “Wino” Weinrich

Live: Dawn Of Doom, Doom Over Leipzig, Hammer Of Doom IV, Low Frequency Assault VII, Misty Mountain festival, Saint Vitus, South Of Mainstream festival

Reviews: Alunah, Astral Sleep, Beehoover, Black Space Riders, Burden, Caricatures, Cough, Count Raven, Culted, Dopefight, Druid Lord, Electric Wizard, Elliott’s Keep, Fangtooth, Frailty, Griftegard, Horse Latitudes, Horseback, Kalibos, Kylesa, Mirror Of Deception, Morito ergo sum, Mournful Gust, Place Of Skulls, Pombagira, Procession, Rorcal, Salome, Seamount, Slugstain, Starve, Stoned Jesus, The Dead, The Gardnerz, Unearthly Trance, Wino, Wooden Stake

Extra: DMF compilation #3 – “Isles Of Doom”, feat. more than 40 bands from Ireland & the United Kingdom!

download here!!!


Posted January 17, 2011 by doommantia in Doom Metal Front

One response to “Doom Metal Front Zine # 5 …

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  1. Oh, thanks a lot for the 'zine and the comp! \m/

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