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This album is fantastic and will have you happily wallowing in the mire of brilliant Sludged-out Doom in its entirety. Drama was founded as a three piece band in the late spring of 2004. Completing the line up with the second guitar and vocals, the band began playing

live and creating songs for a demo which was recorded in mid-2006. After a lengthy period conceptualising and styling the music, Drama successfully completed the song writing for their first album, “Zastor Tišine” which was recorded in 2010.This album is not in English, but that does not mellow down our interest. “Zastor Tisine” is a journey of 12 classic tracks which leaves one awe-struck throughout its entirety. 

There are bucket-loads of huge heavy riffs, with no limits on the absolutely crushing power that one expects from Drama – making it hard to believe that they are from Croatia. I have not heard any bands from that region till date, and when I got this stuff for the review, the first 3 tracks itself blew me away – to say in the least!!!!  

The track “Novi Dan” starts with some heavy riffing and some complex structures of musical display. Although, there are a few instances in this track wherein they are a bit mid/slow paced, there lies a momentum which actually keeps the listeners on their toes. Some of the lead parts are truly memorable.

“Prolaznost” is a slow track which is quite typical of doom metal. This track has clean vocals and growls combined to perfection. The track “Onako Kako Samo Ona Zna” has a lot of variety to offer. It is slow paced with male and female clean vocals and ample usage of Acoustic Guitars in between. 

The vocals of Mark are powerful and the guitar works of Bruno C(urc(ija and Goran Tatalovic’ is worth mentioning a hundred times. They both have complemented each other very well throughout the album.

Throughout “Zastor Tišine” there is a mix shade of melody, melded with cleaner, reverb vocals that will ease the mind; but only for brief episodes between beautifully crunching chords and digging drums and bass. The production is simply amazing. The only disappointment being that the album is not in English, which makes it difficult to understand what the concept of the album is. 

If classic Doom is your want, then be forewarned that “Zastor Tišine” is the album for you. I haven’t stopped listening to this talented Band for weeks now!!!
Review Written By Mahesh
Drama @ MySpace
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Posted January 22, 2011 by doommantia in Drama

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