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If you can still stand digging through that abomination of a web-site known as Myspace with its now worse than ever color schemes and layout, flash intensive pages and advertisement’s that have got so out of control now, they even cover the music players, you can still find some incredible bands lurking within its pages. One of those I stumbled upon a while back was an outfit from Los Angeles, California called Moab. After some research I discovered they are truly obscure as I couldn’t find no info apart from a very limited bio on Myspace which basically told me nothing. After a couple of phone-calls, I found out they have been around for a few years now and have done shows with the likes of Dead Meadow, Black Cobra and Behold The Monolith. One dude I spoke to told me they are a killer live act and have a huge sound for just a three piece and that I would believe to be true after hearing this 4 track demo titled “The Dimensioner.

The demo starts with the title track and it is pretty obvious this band has a love for the heaviest of bands from the 70’s but they also blend those influences with modern stoner-metal, sludge and doom-metal. They are down-tuned with a filthy, hairy sound and a style that can be like Sleep one minute and mid-tempo Sheavy the next and just like Sheavy, Moab they don’t bother to hide their appreciation for Black Sabbath. Along with the title track which kicks some serious ass, there is two other originals plus a cover of Pentagram’s “Forever My Queen.” This leads me to another term of reference as the band are similar to Pentagram, only much heavier and more metallic. They have a strong 70’s rock melodic edge in the vocals which sound organically old-school. There is not a hell of a lot more to say about this band except they are really good but musically, their sound is hardly distinctive but what is these days ? They neatly fit the retro riff rock / stoner-metal tag despite some sludge and doom elements that are thrown into the mix and what I like about them the most is honest approach to their style, nothing sounds contrived here at all. If someone out there can tell me more about Moab, I would to hear it especially if you have info about a full length album. I highly recommend you give this band a listen via their Myspace or track down their demo via a download site near you…….8/10
Moab @ Myspace


Posted January 23, 2011 by doommantia in Moab

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  1. Cool band indeed!

    For the curious visitors, PlanetFuzz officially hosts their EP for promotional free download.
    Here is the link:

  2. I got The Dimensioner awhile back and was hoping a full length would soon follow aswell. Good Album!! I cant find any thing on youtube either.

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