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It took me over a year to track down this cult classic of a split album, two monster bands that will crush your brains and turn your body into mush. This CDR release came out in 2009 and for fans of Dead Existence and Dopefight it is essential listening but you may have to hunt down a download to hear it. Both of these bands are excellent, Dead Existence released one of the all-time best debut albums in 2009 while Dopefight released the sludge-metal album of last year with their album “Buds.” Having both these bands on the same album should be illegal really, this is just too much for the average man to handle. There is 3 songs from each band, Dead Existence take up most of the split with 20 minutes while Dopefight only deliver 10 minutes worth in their 3 songs.

The three Dead Existence capture the live-sound of the band very well, this sounds like they are right in front of you soiling up your living room with their brand of crusty rock. “Swarm Of Bastards” is the opening track from them, a monolithic beast that runs over the top of you for over 6 minutes. The sound is raw and a little nasty and maybe some tweaking in the playing might have made this a bit more digestible as it is fairly crude-sounding stuff. The other 2 tunes, “Underhanded” and “Dragging Back The Ways Of Olde” are both unrelenting doses of sludge-metal that sound straight from New Orleans even though they are a UK band. If the idea of Eyehategod jamming with Crowbar sounds appealing to you, then this might be your band.

The “Dopefight” tracks have more groove to them than the Dead Existence tunes but are just as heavy. The 3 songs, “Hound,” We Are All Going To Hell” and “Saviour” are all played in typical Dopefight pummeling style. Like their Buds album the sound is akin to a bulldozer doing burn-outs on your head, it simply pulverizes. The playing is looser than what is on their album and I think I may have heard a mistake or two on one of the tracks but it still rules. Dopefight are the ultimate power-sludge band, powered by nothing except weed and beer plus a lot of adrenalin. You will have to buy this, steal this, download it, whatever it takes. If you dig both bands, it is essential, if you only like one of the bands, it is also essential as both bands supply killer tunes. Crushing ! ………………9/10
Dead Existence @ MySpace
Dopefight @ MySpace


Posted January 24, 2011 by doommantia in Dead Existence, Dopefight

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  1. I agree, this split is awesome. I saw both bands last year at the Loud Howls festival in London and they were crushing.
    A sad event struck Dead Existence recently, as in mid January the drummer, Ben Lowe died. After mourning the rest of the band decided about continuing the activity.
    R.I.P. Ben Lowe

  2. Great review! (as usual). I instantly loved Dopesick, superb newcomer for sure. All riffs, all awesome.

  3. I read something about Ben dying and it was very sad but I thought I wouldn't include that news in the review this time. It is too depressing, lets remember Ben through the great music.

  4. R.I.P. Ben Lowe. This split slipped past me. I just contacted Dopefight, maybe I get lucky and they have a copy. Great Post!!

  5. Seems like I had a little to much Eyehategod there.. And I agree with Ed, I just discovered these 2 fantastic bands & the sad news.. RIP Ben

  6. Hey guys. Thanks for the great review and the kind words regarding Ben. Im sure he'd be cuffed to see words like cult classic used on his work. If anyone is looking for a copy then both us and Dopefight are still selling them. Go here:
    Keep an eye out for our new EP coming out hopefully in April.

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